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BIMAC and Deloitte

Foundation Partners

BIMAC, the Belgian Community for Finance Professionals, and Deloitte have entered into a partnership. Together they will support and recognise professionals active in the domain of finance and management accounting and control, and help them enhance their role within their organisations and the industry.

Recognising management controllers

BIMAC is a professional association that actively contributes to the dispersing of knowledge and information about the theory and practice of finance and management accounting and control, and to the creation of a dynamic network of professionals active in the domain.

The seminars and workshops organised by BIMAC are aimed at executives and managers who operate as financial business partners in an enterprise. These are persons who are dealing with management control and reporting, profitability analysis, costing, budgeting, performance management, value-based management or cost management.


The partnership

As a Foundation Partner, Deloitte is closely involved in the inner workings of BIMAC, providing expertise and taking part in the seminars and workshops organised by the association. The aim is to work together to reinforce BIMAC and support the growth of finance professionals, one of the cornerstones of a successful company.

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