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A new era of board stewardship begins

2021 Directors' alert

Many organizations will need to transform themselves to overcome the systemic challenges and inequities that have surfaced during COVID-19. Change will require bold steps — and new skills — from board leadership. The time is now.

The 2021 directors’ alert series features a series of articles and interviews with some of the most thoughtful directors representing a diverse range of industries and sectors.

April 2021 edition

In this edition, business leaders in United Kingdom, Switzerland and Canada provide perspectives on which of the many changes experienced from the pandemic will prove permanent, and the changing societal role of corporations.

January 2021 edition

In this edition, independent directors in Singapore and Europe weigh in, along with Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen, on the leadership challenges and new priorities boards face at this pivotal and historic moment. Board directors will need to help management overcome pressing, immediate challenges while helping guide organizations on the best path to thrive in the future.

December 2020

In this edition, some global non-executives share their thoughts on how the time is now to address climate change in the boardroom, the impact of the pandemic in business strategy and the role digitalization and innovation will play in the recovery process — and more.

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