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Valuation & Modeling

We help our clients address some of their most challenging valuation issues, ranging from strategic, transactional and operational decisions through to regulatory compliance and monitoring.

Streamline decision making, manage uncertainty, cut through complexity, and put value at the core with Deloitte Valuation & Modeling.

Today’s challenges are making valuation more complex. And more critical to get right.

How do you assess whether a fund's investments in fast-growing companies are appropriately valued?

How does volatility affect the value of your intangible assets and intellectual property?

How do you assess the value of (and the subsidies needed for) an infrastructure project in energy transition?

How do you assess the value of a local business in a global internal restructuring?

Whether you are acquiring, restructuring or divesting, value is at the core of every decision.

  • At the core of strategy and execution
  • At the core of scenario planning
  • At the core of capital allocation
  • At the core of fund raising
  • At the core of corporate governance reporting

We see it as too important to get wrong. This is why we have mobilised our best technologies and most experienced and diverse global teams to solve your valuation and modeling needs. We employ a suite of advanced solutions that include proprietary valuation tools and databases and industry insights to help design and define your value architecture to drive enterprise value creation and market differentiation.

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Careers in Finance & Risk

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If you live for the challenge and see unsolved problems as an opportunity to set yourself apart, then rise to the top with us.