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Shared Services

Share services and streamline your organization

Shared services are no longer a radical new idea or simply about cost-cutting. They have become mainstream business strategies that repeatedly create value for organizations beyond cost reduction.

Our solutions

Shared Services is the convergence and streamlining of an organization's functions to ensure that they deliver the organization the services required of them as effectively and efficiently as possible. Shared Services is not another way of saying “Centralization”, “Reengineering”, or “Outsourcing” – it incorporates elements of each and more.

What shared services is:

  • “Commonised” support processes and systems to provide better service to business operations
  • Separate organisation providing services focused on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement
  • Re-designed business processes that emphasise value creation and measurement
  • An organisational evolution through which some support processes may be identified as good candidates for outsourcing

What shared services is not:

  • A move to “centralise” internal  support processes under one roof, operated under a corporate mandate

Deloitte’s experienced team of practitioners aim to bring a deeper understanding of how to achieve this long-term strategic value from shared services, at all stages in the implementation life-cycle. With experience of well over 500 Shared Services globally, Deloitte has developed a Shared Services methodology with tools, templates & project accelerators. 

  • Re-engineering existing support processes without considering the context of the larger business processes that they support
  • Simple cost reduction measures achieved through process consolidation and FTE elimination
  • An internal push to have all non-core business processes performed by outside service providers
Client benefits

Our profound experiences and proven methodology enable us to help our clients navigate the many challenges and opportunities, including how to:

  • Optimally combine shared services models
  • Move both up and across the value chain
  • Transition away from a regional focus to a process-centric delivery model to achieve continuous improvement
  • Drastically reduce the need for any local finance heads, by combining shared services centres with centres of excellence
  • Establish global business services centres

As the largest management consulting firm that does not offer outsourcing services, independence is assured and sound advice on offer to executives and shared service leaders to align your shared services agenda to your business strategy.