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Certify your future-proof finance function

We have teamed up with Financial Media and professors at Tilburg University and TIAS School for Business and Society to develop a framework that can determine how future proof your finance function is today. With the certification, a prestigious label, your finance department will gain an edge.

Gain an edge

To obtain the Certificate of Future Proof Finance Function, which is allocated by an independent supervisory board composed of a range of experienced professionals involved in finance, your organisation must successfully complete the future proof assessment. 

The assessment evaluates how finance creates value, and looks at what finance needs to realise that value. The first part of the assessment focuses on operational, business, and specialised finance, while the second part examines the organisation, the people, the processes, and the policies.

Learn more and access the assessment here. The label will help contribute to the positioning and credibility of your finance function, internally and externally.