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Dynamic financial reporting

Powerful insights, stronger business partnering, and higher efficiency

Take your company to the next level by steering your business with dynamic financial reporting.

The challenge

As a business partner, you need an easy-to-use and powerful tool to visualise and analyse the financial key performance indicators (KPIs). Because in the end, the daily operational activities all result in financial numbers. Therefore, your financials act as a foundation to steer your business and to take the right actions to drive your organisation forward

.By means of a solid dynamic financial reporting application, you will be able to report and find answers to your recurring and ad hoc business questions—on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and assess whether your daily operations are meeting your business goals, or not

Why dynamic financial reporting? Dynamic financial reporting integrates your strategic business drivers into your financials. It will take your organisation to the next level because you will have valuable data insights to align your business with your strategy. However, implementing a dynamic financial reporting will take more than just setting up a few graphs or buying a standard reporting tool.



Our dynamic financial reporting solution can bring the following value to your finance organisation:

  • More control via data quality checks
  • Dynamic visualisation of strategic trends & red flags
  • Analysis & drill down options
  • From income statement to cashflow
  • Interactive evaluation of product/customer/BU profitability
  • Looking back & forward
  • Automated data enrichment (e.g., consolidation)
  • Tailored to your needs

How it works

Together with our team you can deploy your dynamic financial reporting solution at short notice. We always work with a proven standard methodology, supplemented with Deloitte industry-specific best practices. Through periodic follow-up meetings, we stay on board and support further improvements.

Determine the right KPIs and business dimensions aligned with your business and strategic goals

Set up a connection to the different data sources and enrich the data in a controlled way

Structure your data into information and actionable business insights

Hands-on support of the end users ...