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How to scale up your business?

Make Deloitte your global scale up partner!

Deloitte empowers ambitious scale ups to grow faster within the international ecosystem. But, where do you start?


As trusted advisor, Deloitte supports scale-ups on their growth trajectory. We deliver this value in close collaboration with other actors contributing to the ecosystem.

Deloitte’s value to the scale-up ecosystem:

  • Connecting scale ups with our corporate clients seeking new sources of growth or ways to transform their business.
  • Embedding emerging technologies in our Digital Offerings and establishing go-to-market alliances.
  • Providing visibility and recognition through programmes such as Best Managed Companies, Fast 50 and Rising Star.
  • Bringing high-value expertise, including through our booster programme, allowing scale-ups to build a solid foundation to support growth and manage risks.


As trusted advisor, Deloitte has defined seven different offerings to support scale-ups on their growth trajectory. Discover how we can help! (OR: Deloitte’s high-value expertise has been crystalised into seven offerings aiming to support scale-ups throughout their life-cycle. Discover how we can help!)


Deloitte is partnering with several key players in the industry to create a vibrant ecosystem that supports scale-ups in their development. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our partnerships or to become a member of this growing ecosystem.


Deloitte is proud to support successful organisations during every phase of their development projects, delivering value through its scale-up ecosystem.

Scale-ups testimonial | Gregor Strobbe | Clouds of Care

Explore the four-year collaboration between Clouds of Care and Deloitte, which all started with the Rising Star competition and expanded into collaborative efforts covering accounting, legal, and cloud services.

Scale-ups testimonial | Alessandro Mazzocchetti | Odoo

Discover how Odoo collaborates with Deloitte to assist in finance, accounting, and taxation, facilitating tech growth and fostering innovation.

Scale-ups testimonial | Bart Vanden Wyngaerd | Pointerpro

Discover how Pointerpro and Deloitte collaborate in legal and accountancy services, reinforcing their commitment as the go-to platform for experts seeking efficient assessments and personalized feedback.

Scale-ups testimonial | Jean-François Plucker | Olys Pharma

Olys Pharma values the valuable and useful contributions provided by the Deloitte experts.

Scale-ups testimonial | Benoit Criel | Optimile

Learn how Optimile collaborates with Deloitte in different fields, ranging from strategic topics, over legal topics and even HR matters. What they particularly appreciate is the stability of the partnership.

Scale-ups testimonial | Sven De Langhe | Kadonation

Kadonation values the broad spectrum of Deloitte expertise, whilst maintaining one SPOC.

Our programmes

Join Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 and get access to a unique network of highly successful entrepreneurs, funders and technology specialists. Every year we showcase the very best of Belgium’s fast-growing technology companies. Is it time for you to join them?

Discover the Technology Fast 50 programme

Join our Beers & Burgers event to connect with fast-growing companies and key stakeholders within the scale-up ecosystem, share insights, gain visibility, and empower each other.

Beers & Burgers is an evening full of inspiration, focusing on topical subjects relevant for a fast-growing company and on networking with like-minded individuals.

With presentations ranging from scale-up testimonials to investors giving unique insights and Deloitte experts sharing first-hand knowledge, there is always plenty of food for thought. This is the perfect opportunity to be part of an engaging community that learns together and from each other, and inspires success.

Our Growth Lab is designed to unlock and accelerate your growth plans. We can support you in making the right choices and in defining what is required to win, today and tomorrow.

Our Growth Lab aims to accelerate your growth plans by redefining « how to win ». This is achieved with a proven methodology in three key steps:


  1. Test alignment around mid-to-long-term ambitions
  2. Assess maturity and challenges regarding strategic building blocks
  3. Identify concrete pain points to be addressed during the workshop
  4. Translate the insights into the workshop approach and validate with leadership


  1. Set the scene by reporting back on key interview insights.
  2. Tackle identified pain points through hands-on exercises and inspirational frameworks
  3. Concretise and prioritise initiatives in a roadmap toward the envisioned future


  1. Summarise workshop insights in the outcome report
  2. Discuss outcome report and short-term action plan in follow-up meeting

Defining and accelerating your growth trajectory requires you to consider business and enabling building blocks:

Getting the foundations right is a key success factor and Deloitte is the ideal partner to help you activate the proper growth levers for your business.

Collaboration with Belgium’s brightest technology scale-ups to bring them to the next level of growth.

The Booster Programme is an initiative launched by Deloitte that aims to support the highest potential scale-ups in Belgium. Selected companies get the chance to join an incubation programme which includes 50 days of free Deloitte support, dedicated mentoring by Deloitte executives and access to the extended scale-ups network and ecosystem developed by Deloitte. This collaboration allows selected Scale-Ups to build a solid foundation to support growth and manage risks in the long term.


Deloitte is in the lead for the identification and selection of participants. No open call for applications.


Wave 3 of the Booster programme is scheduled for next FY.


High-potential technology scale-ups (max. 10 participants). Each candidate must be assessed, both in terms of their overall potential for growth and their potential value to Deloitte through inclusion in the programme. Both these indicators are to be measured by taking a number of factors into account throughout the entire selection process, such as:

Throughout the journey, each candidate is assisted by a Deloitte Account Coordinator having an crucial role in the delivery of high quality tailored services. The programme runs as follows:

The objective is to collaborate with high potential scale-ups, that are interested to participate in an incubator program sponsored by Deloitte. Selected scale-ups benefit from 50 days of free Deloitte support, mentoring by Deloitte executives and access to the extended Deloitte network. These scale-ups are assigned a mentor who guides them through a range of topics vital for their business.