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Client case Etilux

Deloitte helps Etilux successfully transfer power from father to son

Our clients know that collaboration is crucial to success. Here they share, in their own words, how and why Deloitte Private has become their trusted advisor.

Deloitte helps Etilux successfully transfer power from father to son

Ensuring the sustainability of the business

Etilux reached an important milestone when Didier Bronne, founding member and president of he company, decided to hand over the reins to his son, Olivier Bronne after 46 years. To ensure a smooth transition between father and son, Etilux chose to work together with Deloitte Private. It was important to have a neutral party they could trust to handle the succession process.

In the transfer of power to the next generation of leadership, emotions and passions that once united the family and business can disintegrate and tear the both apart. It can also be a time consuming and complex process, with many people and interests to take into account.

Effective leadership succession

For Etilux and the Bronne family, the succession marked an important step in the life of the company that needed to be thought out carefully.

Deloitte’s role was to objectivize personal circumstances while ensuring the sustainability of the business. A fair and impartial assessment of all aspects of the transition of power is especially important when family is involved. Working on a succession requires a certain degree of creativity while respecting the specifics of the case.


In 1972, Etilux, a wholesale supplier of labels, set up its office in Liège, Belgium. Under the direction of founding member Didier Bronne, Etilux has maintained a constant growth through the years, developing its range of products and services as well as its export activities. The family owned company exports its products—labelling, marking, traceability solutions, packaging, adhesives, audiovisual solutions—to nearly 40 countries and makes 40 percent of its turnover outside Belgium.

Since June 2008, Etilux has stayed at its customers’ disposal 24 hours a day thanks to its e-business website in six languages, which displays its broad catalogue of products and services.

Family business transmission

To understand a family business transmission in 3 minutes, please watch the video below, presented by Vincent Trevisan, Partner Deloitte Private Liège office.

Through diagrams and animations, our Deloitte Private experts explain to you in less than 3 minutes the main principles of complex subjects such as stock options, family transmission schemes, tax consolidation or company valuation.

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