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Trustworthy AI

Leverage the Power of AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a growing impact on our daily lives. It can offer substantial benefits to companies who can leverage its power effectively.

But AI also comes with risks. In order to yield value, it requires people to trust its results. From the top-management to the end-users, everyone must be confident that AI is helping them.

To unlock its great potential and enable the adoption of AI use cases, we have to ask ourselves…

How can we leverage AI in a trustworthy and ethical way?


AI learns from data. As both the amount of data as well as well as the complexity grows, additional considerations have to be made.

AI can detect the most complex structures from data but can become too complex for the human mind.

AI can extract value from huge amounts of data but can introduce privacy-related risks.

AI can discover the imperceptible details but can reinforce unintended, hidden biases.


We follow a pragmatic and step-wise approach that is tailored to your organisation and balances the costs and benefits throughout the entire life cycle. Our practice-driven approach helps you with data and AI Ethics and Trustworthiness, ensuring compliance with the AI Act and other legislations.

Dimensions on Trustworthy AI

With our multidimensional Trustworthy AI™ framework  we help organisations develop ethical safeguards across six key dimensions.Explore more.

Across organisational functions

Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI services do not cover only mathematical and technical services but also communication, change management, and accompanying factors.

Throughout the AI life cycle

Carrying out Trustworthy and Ethical AI in your organization throughout AI Lifecycle encompassing Strategies & Objectives; Ideation & Requirements; Implementation & Enablement; Algorithm Assurance; Development & Systems; and Governance & Controls.

Accelerate your operations

Create transparent and streamlined processes that ease the way of working by creating structure and clarity.

Enable innovation

Allow employees to focus on innovation by striking the right balance between enforcing governance and creating an innovation playground.

Elevate stakeholder adoption

Boost stakeholder trust in AI, increasing their rate of adoption of AI systems.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Improve customer outcomes by creating more transparent, consistent and understandable outcomes from your AI systems.

Improve brand reputation and attractiveness

Elevate your brand’s reputation at clients and attract talent with clear and open policies on AI.

Meet compliance

Ensure you comply with the current regulatory framework, and are well positioned to adapt to future regulations.