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Health Economics and Outcomes Research

The Health ecosystem as we know it, is rapidly evolving, and the role of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, is radically shifting to accommodate these changes. In addition, the rapid advancements made in how value is defined, monitored and created and captured, reported and utilized has further intensified the mounting pressure on life sciences firms. 

This landscape presents complex commercialization challenges which organizations need to navigate. These include market access and pricing, HTA presentations, regulatory hurdles, launch considerations, optimization of post-launch strategies including RWE generation that require careful planning, management and execution.

Deloitte’s HEOR team practitioners combine the rich life sciences commercial experience and healthcare expertise to provide customized technical and advisory services to the industry in order to generate comprehensive value arguments and enhance commercial potential of their health technologies.

Main areas of service provision

We are focused on four main areas of service provision to address critical value needs, from development through to post-launch marketing activities.

Integrated evidence generation & synthesis programs

The growth in the availability of both data and literature is evident. Identifying and gathering all data available can be quite overwhelming and it is essential that only the most appropriate information is used. Deloitte’s HEOR professionals can help you with providing the latest insights into field of evidence generation and synthesis.

Our offerings include:

  • Global Value Dossiers
  • Value messaging development
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Evidence generation and synthesis
  • KOL/Payer research
  • Real world evidence strategy
  • Burden of illness and unmet needs

Health economic modelling


Health economic modelling is gives crucial information to decision makers who have to determine where to allocate limited health care budget. We  help our clients with building user friendly health economic models that facilitate discussions with external stakeholders.

Our offerings include:
  • Cost-effectiveness models
  • Budget impact models

Health policy and stakeholder engagement


Deloitte’s HEOR practitioners assist the organisations with capturing the latest trends in the health systems and transforming them to tangible health policy recommendations. We have broad experience with stakeholder engagement activities to ultimately accelerate business growth.

Our offerings include:
  • Policy research
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Advisory board
  • Forecast/future landscape planning
  • Horizon scanning

Commercial strategies and analytics


An ever changing landscape and strong competition amongst assets adds a layer of complexity to product launch and post-launch phase. We assist clients in developing an effective commercial strategies maximising revenue in an evolving economic climate. We have unique insights into payer priorities through advisory work on value based pricing and other pricing policy frameworks.

Our offerings include:
  • Market access/Pricing strategy
  • Value based care
  • Launch excellence
  • Patient pathway based analytics
  • Portfolio management and scenario planning