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Deloitte Analytics Platform

Enabling Analytics Solutions

Today, the market is trending towards cloud, and there are good reasons to move your Analytics too. According to Forrester’s research, the three key business drivers for Analytics in the cloud are agility, speed to value and enterprise features. Probably because they reflect the fact that cloud analytics brings broader insights, faster. Especially in environments of growing complexity, our clients choose for a Cloud strategy.

Solution driven approach

For multiple years, Deloitte has been building the Deloitte Analytics Platform (DAP) to fulfill its clients’ needs, delivering a top-quality 24/7 service. Our experiences have enabled us to design a reference architecture which is capable to bring the Analytics capabilities and solutions into the future.Deloitte understands that developing an implementation will not suffice nowadays. In order to maximize stability and long-time availability at the highest standards, we fully operate your solution as an ever-evolving product. Whereas solutions are created by business specialist teams, we initiate a process of continual solution improvement once operational, governed by our solution owners.In all our designs and governance, we place the end-user central and ensure that his experience is maximized to the fullest.

Major benefits for our customers

  • A high-impact Analytics Solution made simple. The end-user simply gets access to his solution, anywhere and on any device. The high complexity and integration of underlying components is made fully transparent, hence creating the right fit for high user adoption.
  • Professionally Governed as a 24/7 Service. The main focus of our Operational teams is to run your solution as a product; stable, secure and performant. Though with continual service improvement processes in place, for every configured instance.
  • We deliver Experience & Expertise. It may be hard for many companies to find the right experienced and skilled people they need to deliver high performing solutions. Deloitte’s Subject Matter Experts are exactly the people who can get it done.
  • Financial optimisation: OPEX & clear TCO. A single monthly subscription replaces an undefined set of one-time and periodical invoices and thus creates insight in the real cost of Analytics.
  • Ability to fully focus on core business. The client doesn’t have to care about subcontractors, software licenses and compliancy, Hardware acquisitions, skilled people, technology capabilities, …
Building blocks
  • The DAP Platform is a collection of selectable modules which can be combined to the needs of any specific Client. It enables the choice for either pure capabilities as basis for custom solutions, or fully serviced pre-built Industry Solutions. Whichever choice you make, the Core Service components will always be part of the Agreement, ensuring top quality in Delivery and Operations.