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Back to the Workplace

Employees at the forefront

The measures introduced to limit the spread of COVID-19 are being eased and workplaces have gradually started to reopen.

With ‘Back to Work – Desk Booking solution’, Deloitte provides a user-experience driven solution facilitating the return to the workplace allowing organizations and employees to manage daily activities in a safe and efficient manner; with a key feature being a digital workflow enabling the request & approval of workspace.

Back to Work – Desk Booking solution

Back to Work – a comprehensive desk booking solution leverages a combination of digital workflows, workplace & workspace requests, and knowledge articles via Mobile or Desktop allowing organizations to manage their return to the workplace processes in an easy-to-use and scalable way.

The four main components of the solution work together to provide a comprehensive manner to manage daily activities:

  • Access & Desk Management: the ability to request access to the site, request a desk/workspace, and check-in/out of workspace supported by easy-to-use workflows.
  • Disclaimer Form: Optional disclaimers can be set up for employees to digitally sign acknowledging their understanding of guidelines & potential implications of returning to work.
  • Knowledge Base: Easily accessible FAQs and Knowledge articles provide up-to-date information to help support worker safety & well-being.
  • Dashboards: a number of dashboards & reports are available that provide an overview of workspace availability, occupancy & usage as well as workspace trends.

Our modular solution enables different workspace allocation methods and can be tailored to your organization. The implementation plan includes a short-term setup to get you up and running quickly while also providing support to roll-out the solution. The solution is powered by ServiceNow.

Organizations need to be prepared for the new way of welcoming employees back to the workplace while respecting guidelines for the foreseeable future. A digital solution like Back to Work – Desk Booking provides an easy-to-use mobile solution allowing employees, managers and employers the ability to return to the workplace in an efficient and scalable manner.