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Deloitte Analytics Lab

Your data, our expertise!

Companies often don’t have the broad spectrum of capabilities and resources in house to extract the full potential and insights from their available data. That is where the Deloitte Analytics Lab comes in!

A wealth of hidden information

After investments in ERP and data warehouses as well as large scale adoptions of various technological advancements, companies have more data available than ever before. It’s a wealth of hidden information waiting to be exploited. Nevertheless many business questions remain unanswered. Companies often don’t have the broad spectrum of capabilities and resources in house to extract the full potential and insights from that available data. That is where the Deloitte Analytics Lab comes in!

Data goes in, insight comes out

Our Deloitte Analytics Lab offers a unique combination of multi-disciplinary experts, both functional and technical, equipped with loads of experience and with the right tools to bring you the answers and insights you are looking for.

Getting value from available information

It might be hard for organizations to fully capitalize on the potential of analytics unless they are able to overcome several key barriers, of which data management and access to expertise are the most problematic.

What we offer

The Analytics Lab within the Deloitte Consulting Information Management service line has two service offerings. The first is the latest advanced analytics expertise and technological solutions to strengthen the customer’s in-house advanced analytics capabilities while the second offering involves High-Impact Business Analytics Solutions.In both cases the goal is to create business value within the context of optimizing business transformation outcomes by means of advanced analytics as an enabler. The Analytics Lab offers both the technical capabilities, as well as the functional subject matter expertise focused on analytics solutions. Analytics is everywhere whether it’s for optimizing, redefining or disrupting your business of tomorrow. 

Key barriers to overcome

  • Quality of data - We identify your data quality issues, integrate and enrich your data.
  • Inadequate size or expertise of internal resources - Our segmentation, simulation, data mining and predictive modeling experts apply the most appropriate techniques to get to the right insights.
  • Rudimentary or basic IT infrastructure - We have the right tools in-house to handle your data appropriately.

Optimize your analytics expertise & technical capabilities

Our data scientists are passionate by the latest big data analytics technics and technologies.

  • We advise our customers on big data analytics technologies, architecture and methodologies.
  • We implement best practices on big data analytics technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, R, IBM SPSS, IBM Netezza and SAS.
  • We implement advanced analytics technics such as simulations, optimizations, segmentations, graph mining and natural language processing, aimed to integrate into the organizations production environment.

Redefine your Business with our Analytics Solutions

Statisticians and technical wizards often are not enough to create the business value that board members expect from their data analytics teams. Therefore we not only work very closely together with the Deloitte Subject Matter Experts, but we also offer High-Impact Analytics Business Solutions addressed to specific business request.

Our Deloitte experts often see business problems at our clients which can be easily solved by opting for one of our advanced analytics solutions. These High-Impact Business Analytics Solutions are shared and continuously improved within the Deloitte Global communities; these communities specialize in a specific subject matter and the analytical technics that can be of use. This approach ensures a Deloitte quality standard: deliverables can be shown beforehand, the required data and its preferred format are known, and project estimations are based on many similar projects in the past.