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Virtual Sales amid COVID-19 and after

Beyond flattening the curve

How to sell successfully during the current crisis via remote ways of working? How to manage your salesforce virtually and foster team spirit? This document provides insight on optimizing your virtual sales performance, both during COVID-19 and after.

About a decade ago, every new article you would read on sales topics was at least touching upon the world of opportunities that came along with the digital revolution. It was going to be huge. Meanwhile, some businesses have adopted virtual selling as part of their sales process, some (mostly newer) companies were even molded in virtual selling.

The COVID-19 pandemic forces nearly all businesses to move towards virtual selling. Although this crisis situation will eventually come to an end, we know that the business world after COVID-19 will look different. Many businesses are reorganizing balancing more weight to virtual meetings.

In this document, we want to provide a framework and concise recommendations on how to optimize virtual sales performance during this COVID-19 period. At Deloitte, we strongly believe the shift towards virtual sales cannot only safeguard short term revenues and profit, but also move companies beyond flattening the curve and enable long-term profitable growth.Therefore, we would like to invite the reader to reflect on their ideal state post COVID-19. Having a long term vision in mind will steer decisions and make investments more worthwhile (e.g. new software licenses). This crisis period could act as a “pilot phase” for what you eventually want to achieve.

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