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The humanised workplace

Moving on from new ways of working

Little did we know how this pandemic would change life as we knew it and manifest itself as a ‘time machine’ to the future of work, workforce and workplace. Changes that many of us predicted would happen over a decade have occurred in a span of weeks. This presents a unique opportunity to reflect on this social and business experiment and rethink the new normal.

Organisations face a choice between entering a post-COVID world that is simply an enhanced version of yesterday or building a new one that is a based on a transformation to an agile, adaptable organisation, sustainable for tomorrow.

This presents us a unique opportunity to embark on a transformation journey.COVID-19 has challenged business leaders to do three things at once:

  1. Ensure business continuity through virtual work
  2. Understand and leverage the key success factors to structurally accommodate a hybrid way of working
  3. Chart a new path forward aligned with organizational needs and real estate solutions.

In order to get there right, we need to take into account these different time perspectives and work our way back from defining the end-goal of the recovery to the basics, all of this with the human at the center. Only in this way, will we be able to truly re-imagine work and create a humanised workplace. The risk of missing the boat right now is to never catch up at all.

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