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Successful deployment of graph

As with any component of your data landscape, graph needs a clear data governance

What does supply chain transparency, route optimization, fraud detection, customer profiling, dynamic pricing and personalization all have in common? They are foundational challenges that could exist in every company today and the solution to each is found in connected data, in other words, graph. A healthy, mature graph represents reality making natural connections across data providing visibility to a network of information that is often left unexplored.

A graph solution quickly delivers business value, as awareness around the capabilities that graph and graph algorithms can produce, resulting in the rapid increase of adoption. What quickly follows are requests from various business departments to add information, implement new features and deliver the next use cases. At the same time, a graph is not a data lake. Its purpose is not to dump all available data, hoping it will turn into something useful.  It is a seamless addition to your data landscape uncovering hidden relationships within your data. An ungoverned graph platform can lead to the loss of trust in the solution as the quality of the solution degrades over time.

Our point of view

As with any component of your data landscape, Graph needs a clear data governance

Before incorporating the variety of identified use cases while maintaining confidence that the connections and relationships are still accurately upheld, various questions need to be answered such as:

  • how can I manage the demand in a controlled manner?
  • How do I know if I need a specialized graph or can continue growing my already existing one?
  • How can I ensure the valid maintenance of my graph, avoiding a graph swamp?

The answer lies with a business vision and an implementation methodology embedded in a solid governance structure.  This ensures that the resulting network of relationships and conclusions that can be drawn, continue to represent reality as the graph matures in both size and complexity.

We invite you to attend our Webinar Best Practices for Successful Graph Solutions Deployment on 10th of June 2021, from 12:30 to 13:30 to deep dive into how best practices of design thinking and agile methodologies find their way into graph technologies.

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