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Global Commercial Launch Maturity Tool

How to transform launch capabilities into a competitive advantage

Learn how to assess the maturity and readiness level of your market access team using a systematic, empirically grounded, and all-encompassing strategy from launch strategy through to execution.

How to assess the readiness of your Market Access team for a successful launch?

A winning launch strategy is the basis to secure the successful launch of a new pharmaceutical product, but more often than desired, the failure comes during the implementation phase due to the complexity of the launch process. The level of sophistication of the Market Access team is critical for orchestrating all the activities that coordinate all relevant functions across the organization.

Assessing the maturity level and readiness of the Market Access team has become an essential component of any strategy to increase the odds of launch success.

Traditional go-to-market strategies don’t work anymore

The pharmaceutical industry is struggling with a very complex scenario. Rising healthcare costs, cost containment policies, and increasing demand for more (socio-economic) evidence to demonstrating the value of new innovative drugs (fourth hurdle), are impeding the industry’s expected return of investment. The era of the blockbuster is gone and commercial success is increasingly affected by pricing and reimbursement regulation, which often requires demonstrating a therapeutic advantage over the standard of care.

This challenging environment is compounded by the fact that the captive market has been largely conquered, directing pharmaceutical companies towards tougher scientific challenges where finding successful new treatments is more difficult and risky. These challenges result in increased drug development costs, high drug attrition rates, ‘me-too’ crowded markets, and a decline in R&D productivity.

This change has also been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted the global supply chain and consequently, the production and availability of medicines. This disruption impacts the time-to-market, tightening the race amongst competitors for bringing a product to market and vying for a profitable market share.

Global Commercial Launch Maturity Tool

To help senior management teams assess product launch preparedness and readiness, Deloitte has created the proprietary Global Commercial Launch Maturity Tool. This tool provides senior management teams with actionable insights into the current state of the global launch preparation process.

The tool consists of three main activities. First, a rapid landscape analysis by our panel of experts provides an external perspective of the market situation combined with an in-depth review of all internal market research materials to identify gaps across relevant markets. Secondly, an assessment of the maturity level of the launch readiness evaluates the strategic goals and the tactics/plan to achieve the goals. Thirdly, a winning approach is provided highlighting the identified gaps and recommendations on how to fill them.

What can you expect from deploying our tool?

  • Rapid and targeted diagnostic of market access readiness.
  • Gap analysis.
  • Comprehensive overview of market insights based on deploying our standardized tools and methodologies.
  • Development of roadmap highlighting key market access components that will prepare your organization for a successful launch.
  • Targeted support from our experts who understand the markets and what it will take to accelerate launch preparations.
  • A customized country-specific comprehensive analysis eliminating biased generic insights, pre-packaged and canned answers.Please, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Deloitte’s HEOR & Market Access team to discuss your needs.

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