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Accelerate your B2B Transformation

Fastlane, Deloitte Digital's Salesforce B2B commerce and marketing accelerator – extended value, flexible & scalable. Designed for an accelerated go-to-market and enhanced buyer experience.

In today's fast-paced market, organizations leverage digital transformation to create sustainable business value. Deloitte Digital created the “FastLane” accelerator to speed up digital B2B transformation while leveraging future-proof solutions. Our Marketing and Commerce experts have joined forces in a prebuilt accelerator, powered by our strong partnership with Salesforce.

The FastLane accelerator leverages the Salesforce B2B ecosystem to cater for your customer's end-to-end journey. With B2B Commerce Cloud, FastLane enables an optimized buyer experience by utilizing the power of a commerce storefront, complemented by Order Management and Embedded Apps such as the Reorder Portal and Pay Now, while Marketing Cloud capabilities guarantee automated guidance and follow-up before, during and after a purchase. The platform setup can be supplemented with a CDP, offering optimized insights into behavioral data of your customers and real-time actioning of these insights.

What's in it for you?

FastLane accelerator provides a complete set of pre-built functionalities, ranging from predefined journeys, extended features, up to ready-to-go templates and pre-set-up code frameworks.

Three benefits will accelerate your business’ digital transformation:

  • Enable journey design with pre-integrated capabilities across commerce and marketing, leveraging best practices and Deloitte business experience.
  • Accelerate set-up time and ensure scalability through Deloitte’s CTA standard and frameworks.
  • Fit the solution to your business context in a more flexible way with our extended features and re-worked code frameworks.

The ultimate objective remains to speed up your digital go-to-market and create value fast.

With our FastLane integrated solution, silos between your marketing and sales departments are removed, and your customer experience and engagement reach higher levels, faster.

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