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Sustainability through the Human Lens

Organizations are essential partners to accelerate the sustainability journey and Human capital is the central determinant of their success

Companies and organizations will need to step up their game to adapt to a sustainable world of changing worker and societal expectations and increased climate pressure. Business as usual will not be sufficient. Bold and collective actions at different levels of the organization, enabled by their human capital will be imperative to drive active transformations with positive impacts on People, Planet and Prosperity.


Sustainability is no longer regarded as optional for businesses but as a prerequisite. Nevertheless, there is a disconnect between the ambitions and expectations versus the real actions that organizations and business leaders are taking to drive sustainability. And although people play a central and determinative role in sustainability transformations - simply because human behavior and individual choices matter - company strategies might not always by aligned with people strategies.

Deloitte has developed a framework to guide and sustainably master an organization’s Human Capital throughout their transformative sustainability journey. Basically, it considers how to create sustainable Work, performed by a sustainable Workforce in a sustainable Work environment. It guides companies to organize for future success, to measure company performance along with company culture, to pro-actively invest and empower people at all levels in the organization, to create inclusive, safe and purposeful work

.By putting people, organization and culture at the heart of the sustainability transitions and at the same time balancing profit with social equity and environmental accountability, companies will be able to thrive in their sustainability journeys and sustain success in the long-run.

The choices we make – or fail to make today – could result in breakthrough or breakdown to a greener, better, safer and more sustainable future.

               - Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General

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