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The Deloitte Inclusion Scan

Are you evaluating the full scope of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) impact across your organization?


Why should you be measuring inclusion?


Grasping inclusion is critical for management. As a leader, have you ever found yourself asking any of these questions?

  • Is my team/organization on track toward our Inclusion goals? Which areas need more focus?
  • How successfully were our DEI initiatives implemented? Have these initiatives resulted in a long-lasting positive change?
  • Which groups of employees need extra support to feel included and valued?
  • How do you actually measure inclusion?

Although organizations have been increasingly paying attention to DEI at work in the last 40 years, many are still measuring inclusion far too elementary to genuinely capture its depth, complexity, and sensitivity.Such a narrow view should be avoided given the ongoing war for talent, with its emphasis on shifting demographics and generational differences in the workplace and on concepts such as global thinking, learning agility, and cultural dexterity.Our point of view brings insights into how to measure inclusion in organizations and proposes a data-driven approach to facilitate DEI strategies. By approaching DEI from a measurable and quantifiable perspective, we developed an analytical tool, based on recent scientific findings, that measures DEI on a multifaceted basis and supports decision-makers in their role towards fostering inclusion

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