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Understanding the impact of the Digital Services Act in marketing and advertising

What marketeers and advertisers need to know

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is an EU regulation that places new obligations on businesses conducting activities online, which has a direct impact on online advertisers. The act, already ratified by the EU institutions, is applicable, with some exceptions, as from 17 February 2024.

Marketeers and advertisers now have limited time to understand the implications of the new regulation and ensure they are compliant. Lessons learnt from GDPR, this will require expertise across multiple disciplines, including an in depth understanding of the new laws, expertise in marketing and advertising activities, and skills to help update advertising operations and strategies to absorb the new rules and identify new opportunities.

At Deloitte we have joined our multi-disciplinary experts to provide more details about the new rules, and what marketeers and legal teams should be preparing as we approach the deadline.

Download our Digital Services Act paper

And learn about the impact on your marketing operations.

This paper bundles the key takeaways of the Digital Services Act:

  • Further restrict targeting activities of online advertising, compounding the impacts from the third-party cookie phase out
  • Place new transparency obligations on digital ads
  • Impact how recommendations can be made to consumers in digital spaces
  • And much more....

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