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Pioneers in enabling the sustainable production of chemicals

Empowering Oxylum

We have been turning climate change, circular economy, and sustainable finance challenges into competitive advantages for our clients for more than 20 years. When Oxylum came to us for support, we were ready to collaborate for impact.


Oxylum is a University of Antwerp spin-off that aims to create a sustainable and carbon neutral chemical industry. To achieve this ambitious goal, they have developed an electrochemical CO2 conversion method to re-use CO2 as feedstock for the production of chemicals.

In its first year, Oxylum faced challenges, in particular related to acquiring funds and navigating its technology in the IP spectrum, and approached Deloitte for support. We assisted in fine-tuning their business case by conducting deep-dive market analysis, defining the key value proposition and go-to-market strategy. In addition, we conducted IP analysis and market scans to investigate Oxylum’s freedom to operate and protect their intellectual property. We also provided strategic advice on how to obtain the required funding and guided Oxylum through the investment round. With the support of Deloitte, Oxylum is now not only set to scale its innovation, but scale as a company.

Today’s climate crisis urges us to rethink and reinvent our economy. Business needs to change to meet higher expectations of sustainability and Deloitte believes start-up companies can play a crucial role in supporting this transition. Together we can rewrite the playbook on authentic business responsibility and create an impact that matters.

“By putting a cost on CO2, there is no longer only an environmental incentive but also an economic incentive that will really accelerate the transition towards commercial industrialization for carbon capture and utilization.”

Brecht D'hont, Senior Manager at Deloitte

About Oxylum

About Oxylum: Oxylum is a spin-off company from University of Antwerp and finds its origin in years of research within the research group ELCAT, led by Prof Tom Breugelmans. Oxylum wants to cooperate in a personal way with partners and guide them to CO₂ neutral industrial activities.

“Oxylum has the goal to create a carbon neutral, sustainable chemical industry by creating a unique and novel carbon utilisation technology.”

Bert De Mot, Oxylum Co-Founder

Key contacts

Paul Delesalle

Partner | Sustainability Lead Consulting | EMEA Supply Chain & Network Operations Lead