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Global After-Sales Cloud Story

Discover how Deloitte supported Mercedes-Benz to accelerate the Cloud transformation of its after-sales services.


Mercedes-Benz is accelerating the Cloud transformation of its complete aftersales applications. The focus is on core business applications, from pricing and contract management to warranty and parts trading. A consolidated Cloud platform will drive the transformation process both technologically and structurally.


  • Deloitte designs, builds, operates and optimizes the platform based on a model where the hyperscaler, platform team and application teams share responsibilities.
  • The platform is planned for three entities.
  • A high-performing agile organization based on the SAFe framework will promote effective collaboration.


The MVP was successfully completed after six weeks, with full focus on the organizational setup and a “best-of-breed" architecture. Within the first year, more than ten applications were newly implemented or seamlessly migrated to the platform.

Video - Global after-sales Cloud story | Mercedes-Benz | Accelerated by Cloud

About Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a German luxury car maker known for its high-end vehicles, innovation in engineering, and reputation for quality and luxury.

Unique selling points

1. Combination of excellent technical, professional, and methodological expertise

2. Flexible global delivery model coupled with service excellence

3. Established proven track record with the client

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