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A digitization approach to streamlining customer engagement


Euroconsumers is committed to advancing customer experience, fostering collaboration and boosting operational efficiency. Through a strategic partnership with Deloitte, Euroconsumers has embraced a cutting-edge solution built on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This initiative aligns with Euroconsumers' mission to prioritize consumer rights and deliver personalized services. By leveraging advanced technology, Euroconsumers has transformed its digital landscape, streamlining customer acquisition, enhancing retention and driving overall engagement. This evolution positions Euroconsumers at the forefront of consumer advocacy, delivering a seamless and customized experience to their customers.

The challenge: 

Euroconsumers, renowned for its innovative information services and consumer rights advocacy, faced several challenges in enhancing its brand recognition and customer value. Key issues included understanding consumer needs, developing comprehensive customer relationships and fostering loyalty. Traditional methods and scattered data made it difficult to act on critical moments, recognize high-value customers and offer personalized benefits. The objective was to centralize data, automate processes and achieve a unified view of the customer lifecycle to boost profitability.

A collaborative approach:

The Marketing Cloud implementation was a collaborative effort, involving key stakeholders from Euroconsumers in numerous workshops. Business stakeholders, product owners and solution architects worked together through design, implementation, testing and go-live phases across four countries: Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Italy. Active engagement at every stage ensured that the solution met the actual needs of the business. The project followed an agile methodology with regular interactions and hands-on skills labs to facilitate a smooth and effective rollout.

Transforming daily operations:

Marketing Cloud has significantly transformed Euroconsumers' daily marketing activities. It provides a centralized platform for managing campaigns, allowing real-time data analysis and efficient, tailored messaging. This capability has improved customer engagement and results by ensuring messages resonate with the audience. The tool's integration with Service Cloud has enhanced communication and collaboration among different teams, such as the call center and marketing departments, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency.

Keys to success:

The success of the Sherpa project stemmed from a hybrid approach that combined online and offline interactions with daily meetings involving the Deloitte team. Salesforce's continuous involvement ensured the adoption of the best-in-class features to meet Euroconsumers' requirements. This close collaboration enabled a seamless transition and effective utilization of the new technology.

Added value of Salesforce:

Salesforce has provided significant added value to Euroconsumers, centralizing data in CRM and providing them to the marketing automation tool. This integration has improved team communication and automated workflows, particularly in the omni-channel onboarding process. Key benefits include a 360-degree customer view, comprehensive analytics and robust reporting tools. These assets have empowered Euroconsumers to strengthen customer relationships throughout the lifecycle, creating a holistic and omnichannel customer experience.

Looking forward:

Euroconsumers is optimistic about a successful future, anticipating significant results from the go-live of key customer journeys focused on loyalty, re-engaging former customers and upselling/cross-selling. This digital transformation represents a pivotal shift towards achieving goals in an increasingly digital world. Euroconsumers is excited to continue this journey with Deloitte and Salesforce, aiming for ongoing innovation and success.

About Euroconsumers:

Euroconsumers is dedicated to promoting and defending consumer rights, while also providing innovative information and personalized services. The organization focuses on freedom of choice, access to information, education, justice and the rights to health and safety. It addresses issues in sectors like airline customer rights, food packaging, technology and social media. 
Committed to advocating for consumers across Europe and beyond, Euroconsumers leverages advanced tools and data analysis to understand consumer needs, create stronger connections and drive profitability. Through its coordinated efforts, the organization continues to champion the well-being and rights of millions of households.

About Sherpa Project:

The Sherpa project, in collaboration with Deloitte and powered by Salesforce, was designed to revolutionize Euroconsumers' approach to customer engagement. By implementing Marketing Cloud, the project aimed to streamline processes, enhance customer interactions and provide a unified platform for all marketing activities. The project's success is proof of the power of technology in transforming business operations and driving customer-centric growth.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solution:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution integrates best-in-class tools and industry practices to support businesses in their digital transformation journey. The solution provides a comprehensive platform for managing customer data, automating workflows and delivering personalized marketing messages. With Deloitte's expertise, businesses can achieve efficient growth, improved collaboration and enhanced customer engagement.

“Our 3-year collaboration with Deloitte as our integration partner has been transformative.


From setup to crafting intricate customer journeys and solution design, Deloitte's expertise has been invaluable. Their dedication to understanding our needs and delivering innovative solutions has significantly improved customer engagement and operational efficiency. We look forward to continued success together.” 


Teresa Comparato,
Euroconsumers Group Manager CRM Strategy & Relationship

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