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End-to-end supply chain visibility

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Facilitating access to care and health

With the go-live of SAP S/4HANA® in October 2020, Deloitte helped Multipharma achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility. This was a critical step for the organisation to settle technical debt, close functional gaps, and introduce a solid platform to face the challenges of process efficiency, commercial approach, and digitalisation.

We organised workshops to discuss its preconfigured solution in SAP S/4HANA® with Multipharma, and together develop a list of Multipharma-specific processes that were subsequently included in its roadmap. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of our team, the close collaboration with Multipharma, and the fast decision-making supported by the Multipharma leadership team, the roadmap was realised in 30 sprints.

Multipharma now has end-to-end supply chain visibility and a solid backbone for the majority of its back-office activities, from master data management to invoicing processes. The SAP S/4HANA® implementation supports its omni-channel strategy, which Multipharma is convinced is an important pillar for the future of the company.

Making an impact with Multipharma

About Multipharma

As the market leader in medicine distribution in Belgium, Multipharma is committed to strengthening the role of the pharmacist when it comes to public health and continuously developing the services delivered. Multipharma has 250 pharmacies and the combined competences of 1700 employees.

The SAP S/4HANA® implementation supports its omni-channel strategy, which Multipharma is convinced is an important pillar for the future of the company.
We face many challenges today as patient expectations, the competition, and the healthcare ecosystem are evolving faster and faster. With SAP S/4HANA® we have a solid foundation to continue the development of our activities in a more competitive environment.

Jean Maggiordomo, Marketing & Transformation Director Multipharma


SAP S/4HANA emerged as a digital core platform to meet evolving business demands—supporting tomorrow’s vision of the modern enterprise. It stands as a powerful and highly configurable suite of software solutions that can simplify business to enable clarity and help deliver the value that organisations need.

It not only brings a tremendous potential for organisations to thrive and become a kinetic enterprise, it also enables them to transform their governance, risk, and compliance. At Deloitte we have the deep knowledge and strategy—on the business front as well as the technology front—required to ensure that you get the value you need from SAP S/4HANA.

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With health and wellbeing at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we have made a real impact that matters together with Multipharma. The implementation of SAP S/4HANA® enables the organisation to better serve its customers and patients.

Geert Crauwels, SAP Partner Deloitte

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