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The solution is unique in its quality and its efficiency

High-speed digital transformation in Real Estate

To increase customer experience, enhance collaboration, and improve administrative efficiency, Steenoven implemented a reliable, future-proof solution that combines Deloitte's architectural vision on best-in-class cloud tools with Deloitte’s Real Estate accelerator built on the Salesforce platform at the core of its application landscape. This unique combination of real estate expertise and technology enabled Steenoven to accelerate its digital transformation efforts, streamlining lead-to-cash processes, gaining valuable insights, and improving collaboration across departments. Thanks to this solution, Steenoven offers their customers a more seamless and satisfying experience, setting themselves apart as one of the leaders in the real estate industry.

A very hands-on approach

We started from the value chain of a real estate project. The Deloitte Real Estate Accelerator, based on Salesforce, was used as a template for the business processes of a real estate company, and helped in defining the processes that could be automated. In a second phase, Microsoft Teams was added to digitize team collaboration. Finally, the link to accounting and all billing flows were added. “These three components added up to the total solution that allows efficient and accelerated growth. Based on this, a digital roadmap was created and implemented with lightning speeds, like a bullet train.” Dixit Geert Van Mol, CEO. The process involved frequent go-live moments, pragmatic assessments of the next version, and a hands-on approach to determining necessary testing measures, etc, very hands on.

Deloitte was in the lead in terms of Roadmap building, scoping, connection,and coordination with partners, subcontractors, … They made this valuabledigitization step for Steenoven possible.


What is the Deloitte Real Estate Accelerator?

Our Deloitte Real Estate Accelerator is a solution built on the Salesforce platform which aims to support project developers and investors with their digitization. The accelerator allows them to leverage key capabilities, which are ready to use and set up with industry and Salesforce best practices in mind, in order to get a head start on the next step in the Salesforce implementation. 

The Deloitte Real Estate Accelerator is part of a broader ecosystem of digital solutions within the Deloitte Real Estate Community.


“The solution is unique in its quality and its efficiency. Every unit, in every project, no matter how many projects are running simultaneously, we can provide qualitative and administrative support.” 

Geert Van Mol, CEO

The Challenge

Steenoven is a growing Real Estate Project Developer with a diverse portfolio of projects. To manage these, there was a need to centralize the data, automate the processes and find a better way than to keep working with traditional Excel tools. It became increasingly challenging to maintain a comprehensive overview of the various projects with their progress and communicate updates to customers in a professional and informative manner. Because of scattered data, it was difficult to create up-to-date reports to drive business and to have a single version of the truth.


Steenoven is a Belgian project developer with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. The company specializes in the development of residential and commercial properties, including apartments, offices, and hotels, and is known for its emphasis on location, architecture, and quality of life. Steenoven is committed in creating future-oriented real estate projects that meet the needs of their clients and improve the communities where they operate. With a reputation for reliability and solid project development, Steenoven is a trusted partner for investors, clients, and stakeholders alike. Follow them on Youtube.

"The difference from my experience being in the corporate and SME world for digital transformation projects are the product owners and the direct line towards the end users. They are also at the steerco table, which makes it very direct, but also very pragmatic. That's nice!”

Geert Van Mol, CEO

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