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Dumobil digitizes to act as one team and better serve their customers


Dumobil aspired to deliver a top-notch customer and prospect experience. Therefore, they wanted to re-imagine their way of working, and implement a customer-centric mindset. Our Digital Mix team zoomed in on every process, streamlining and simplifying them. As a result, we were able to centralise the data and eliminate islands, ensuring that Dumobil could implement our Real Estate Accelerator, based on Salesforce, and integrate it with their accounting (Exact Online), SharePoint and Office 365 environment. Dumobil is now ready for further growth with the customer at the centre of everything they do.  


User friendly | Efficient | Transparent

The Challenge

Dumobil was mostly working in Excel. Information was scattered and a single view of truth was missing. Although there was a collaborative working atmosphere, some silos had formed. The management wanted their people to work more as one team and were looking for ways to streamline their processes.  


The Approach

We started by running workshops to map out the needs of all the departments at Dumobil. Business processes were questioned and improved with the customer in mind. After prioritising the customer journeys, we translated them into different user stories. They were bundled in sprints (phases) and from there the digital transformation was launched, using the Real Estate Accelerator and in coordination with other IT partners. After each sprint, a demo was given to the entire Dumobil team. On the one hand, to show what had been developed, and on the other hand, to be able to make adjustments. 

Dumobil now has a 360° view on its customers and projects. There’s an end to end process that guides informed employees in delivering a unified customer experience.  The Dumobil management has now a cockpit to drive the business. 

“It was necessary to centralise all the data on one platform, in one digital environment. It allowed us to digitise our processes, from the initial contact with our customers to the after-sales service.” 

Bruno Carton, Managing Director 

“It has a big impact on our way of working. We work more as one team, more transparently and efficiently. We can inform the customer much faster.”

Laurence De Smet, Land Management 

About Dumobil

Dumobil, a well-established company with more than 60 years of experience in creating homes, places high emphasis on serving the homeowner and the community. They take pride in delivering exceptional living experiences through their innovative and sustainable building practices. Dumobil consistently demonstrates its commitment to quality and clever architecture, offering a range of services, including residential projects, villa construction, total renovations, and urban multi-family homes. They cater to clients in Belgium from the coast up to the cities Antwerp and Brussels.

What is the Deloitte Real Estate Accelerator?

Our Real Estate Accelerator is a solution built on the Salesforce platform which aims to support project developers and investors with their digitization.The accelerator allows them to leverage key capabilities, which are ready to use and set up with industry and Salesforce best practices in mind, in order to get a head start on the next step in the Salesforce implementation.The Real Estate Accelerator is part of a broader ecosystem within the Deloitte Real Estate Community. 

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