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Contributing to the Traceability of Certified Wood

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WoodChain: An innovative solution that ensures the authenticity and legal origin of the wood

Biond Forest Fibers, a Portuguese non-profit, collaborated with Deloitte to ensure wood origin, authenticity, certification, and sales process integrity in pulp, paper, and related industries. The innovative solution developed by Deloitte, and based on Amazon Managed Blockchain, has brought greater transparency, control and trust to the certified wood supply chain, promoting environmental sustainability. 

Planted, eucalyptus forests are the driving force behind Portugal's paper and pulp industry, and also contribute to fighting climage change. 

If a forest area is managed in compliance with ecological standards, then the wood we extract from it can be certified. That cerfication gives more value to the wood and all its derived products − paper, cardboard used in packaging or wood planks used in construction. There's a growing consumer demand for sustainably-grown wood, so it can be sold for a higher price on the market. 

Biond and Deloitte have collaborated to develop an innovative digital solution that ensures wood origin, authenticity, certification, and sales process integrity in pulp, paper, and related industries. 

The WoodChain solution tracks the wood thanks to a unique barcode that follows it from the forest until the mill. This barcode provides with useful information on the origin, but also on the amount of wood that is estimated coming out of the forest. 

Once arrived at the pulp and paper mill, the barcodes are read and some cross-checks are done by the solution to make sure that the wood is certified and everything is correct. Each label identifies a truck load and, since went live, the solution tracked more than 250,000 truck loads of wood.  

The WoodChain solution, based on AWS Cloud to handle a huge amount of data, is used by more than 40 companies everyday.  

“We have decided to work along with Deloitte to improve the system that we have already in place in terms of wood certification”. 

Gonçalo Almeida Simões, General Director of Biond 

About Biond

Biond is a Portuguese non-profit association whose purpose is to represent the industrial and forestry activity of pulp, paper and related activities before national and international public and private entities and organizations. 

The Deloitte Approach

 Deloitte's global network of technology professionals creates unparalleled market offerings to address our clients' most challenging business challenges. As market leaders, our teams develop innovative and creative solutions for our clients and daily commit to excellence. 

In this collaboration project, the business knowledge came from Biond and its associates, and Deloitte gathered a team of technical experts to understand the needs and develop a digital solution. We brought a deep understanding of the latest technologies and innovative approaches introducing the blockchain technology which allows us to ensure that competing companies can only acces their own data, the information is kept secure and the system sound and robust. 

“This solution supports certified wood, which is sustainable and has more value in the market. We are very pleased that today more than 40 companies are using the WoodChain solution”. 

Bruno Batista, Partner Deloitte 

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