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Fueling business growth with the power of a single-cloud strategy

AG Insurance plays the long game

AG Insurance worked together with Deloitte to accelerate its business growth by developing strong Cloud foundations and harnessing the power of Cloud to innovate and deliver excellence. The leading insurance company is now able to respond quickly to a rapidly changing environment and meet the needs of its customers, today and tomorrow.

The challenge

New technologies to serve its customers both in terms of delivering new insurance products and services, as well as for beyond insurance activities, with a faster time to market and at a reasonable cost. That’s what AG Insurance needed to fuel its continued growth in an ever-evolving environment.

The solution

AG Insurance worked in close collaboration with Deloitte to design and implement solid Cloud foundations including the associated cloud governance structure. Cloudscape, AG's internal branding for their self-service cloud platform, includes reusable and secure cloud building blocks based on public cloud technology.  This platform grants application teams greater autonomy within a controlled environment, leading to increased overall agility and a reduction in time-to-market of new features.

Following a due diligence assessment, AG Insurance made an explicit choice to opt for a single cloud provider, Microsoft Azure, complemented with a multitude of SaaS solutions. This choice was taken to avoid complexities associated with multiple cloud environments, including the recruitment and retention of specialized talent, the complexities of multi-cloud governance, the associated expenses, and the challenges of overseeing a larger attack surface.

AG Insurance also implemented a change plan to train their IT staff and help them understand how Cloud technologies can create value for the business.

The results

Thanks to the Cloud, AG Insurance is able to offer its 1000 IT colleagues a toolbox of different technologies, which they can use as building blocks to develop digital solutions.

With this new IT environment, AG Insurance has the power to deliver innovative new features to its clients. It meets the demand for more digital services that they can access every single hour of every single day. For example, the new Chatbot helps AG customers in self-servicing activities. Looking to the future, analytics algorithms integrated into the operational systems could ensure that by sending pictures of car damage following an accident, AG Insurance can determine the repair costs, transfer the money to the customer’s account, and make the appointment with the garage.

AG Insurance has transformed its business, embracing the Cloud to ensure it can remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

About AG Insurance

AG is the largest Belgian insurance company with over 3 million customers. In Belgium, one out of three companies, one out of four houses, and one out of seven cars are insured by AG.

"Everything accelerates, so the key is to have a long-term vision and stick to it. Cloud is about building foundations on which fast-paced scenarios can be executed."

Philippe Van Belle

“Thanks to Cloud we are able to offer our 1000 IT colleagues a toolbox of different technologies which they can use as lego blocks to build digital solutions.” 

Benoit Roosens, Head of Cloud Center of Excellence, AG Insurance

“All the use cases of the future will rely more and more on the proximity between analytics and operational algorithms and data.”

Philippe Van Belle, Chief Information & Technology Officer, AG Insurance

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