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Supporting the digital transformation at Berrefonds

What better way to start off 2022 than bringing transformation and growth to a non-profit organisation that supports families and friends with the loss of a child. Thanks to Deloitte Consulting and National funding, our Salesforce for Private team was able to set up Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud for Berrefonds, allowing them to keep track of all their contacts, as well as manage and follow up on new funding opportunities.

Berrefonds is a non-profit organisation that, since 2009, supports families and friends with the loss of a child. They are mostly known for their cherish suitcases, containing different items to create tangible memories of the child, that are offered free of charge to parents, in collaboration with 97% of all hospitals with maternity services in Flanders and Dutch-speaking Brussels.

“From personal experience I know that in dark times, Berrefonds can offer families that little bit of comfort and connection that is really essential in the grieving process. A few years ago I was also able to take a look behind the scenes during one of our Deloitte Impact Days when I spent a day as a volunteer. The Berrefonds team has certainly stayed close to my heart ever since."

Kelly Dorekens, Partner at Deloitte Consulting. 

The non-profit organisation is largely dependent on gifts and donations for its operations. With only a very small number of employees it became increasingly challenging to get a clear view of Berrefonds' many contacts and donations. To bring more structure and visibility to the large amount of contact and fundraising data, spread over many different Excel spreadsheets, Berrefonds started looking for a platform to centralise all their key data and further transform their organisation. 

Salesforce, the world's number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform, provided Berrefonds 10 free licenses for its Non-Profit Cloud solution. In their search for a partner that could help in the implementation and customisation of the Salesforce Non-Profit solution, Berrefonds found Deloitte. After a first meeting with Berrefonds, we too were convinced of the importance to support Berrefonds in their transformation journey. Funded by the Deloitte National and Consulting Purpose teams, we were able to implement an initial version of the Salesforce solution for Berrefonds, fully tailored to the needs of the organisation. 

The Transformation

At the end of November 2021 we started with the implementation of Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud. During our first workshop we immediately felt how the Berrefonds team took on an active role in the project. Their drive to transform their organisation translated into a great willingness to prioritise their business needs in order to define a valuable initial solution.  Our own team also showed great enthusiasm and a lot of energy to contribute to the project.

After only nine weeks, we went live with an MVP solution through which Berrefonds is now able to keep track of all their contacts including parents, donors and volunteers, as well as manage and follow up on new funding opportunities. 

"Thanks to the implementation of Salesforce at the heart of our organisation, we finally have a clear overview of all our contacts. We can keep track of information about donations, professional collaborations and opportunities in one place. I am convinced that this is yet another milestone in the professionalisation of our organisation. This will certainly help us focus on the right activities in the coming years, and to secure the future of our organisation.”

Christine Vandenhole, co-founder of Het Berrefonds

“We are extremely grateful to Deloitte. Not only for the opportunity they have given us to work with them in tailoring Salesforce to our needs, but also for the way in which they helped us throughout this journey. We had a very pleasant collaboration in which we redefined our ways of working in a very fast, helpful, and empathetic manner. For us, without previous experience with CRM software, this was a very inspiring project in which we received excellent guidance from Deloitte. It is great to experience that professionalism, innovation and empathy can go hand in hand.”

 Wouter Van Hoye, co-founder of Het Berrefonds

The goal is to continue our collaboration in 2022-2023. In addition to fundraising management, Berrefonds would like to extend their non-profit cloud solution to include marketing, volunteer management, and product management capabilities.

Thanks to this project by Deloitte Belgium, Berrefonds is ready to continue to support families and care providers in the future. Because we all know someone who lost a child.