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Non-financial reporting

Independent verification and assurance of the reports

Due to the great quantity of data collected, people involved and the overall complexity of the non-financial reporting process, sometimes internal and external users of non-financial / sustainability reports are not certain about the accuracy and reliability of the presented information.

The Deloitte Global Assurance Methodology

Providing assurance is one of our core services and it is our cornerstone. We have gained a wide range of experience from providing services to numerous clients in various industries for a long period of time.The Deloitte Global Assurance Methodology we use provides a coherent and effective approach to the services. In particular, it defines the appropriate path for designing our work.

Our approach includes:

  • involvement in the process of defining both the company’s approach to report development and the relevant company-related aspects, which will be presented in the report
  • a preliminary verification of the collected data and information, as well as of the draft report prepared by the company
  • final verification of the report prepared by the company as well as the preparation of an independent, certification report along with a supplementary report


Main benefits


  • Increased recognition, trust and credibility
  • Improved transparency and credibility of clients’ financial statements, resulting in a higher level of trust of potential investors and access to the cheapest source of financing
  • Increased business opportunities for becoming a part of reliable supply chains, due to improved capabilities
  • Improved CEO and management level engagement
  • Improved communication with stakeholders
  • Reduced risk and increased value