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Digital Accountant

Efficient. Proactive. Personalised. Real-time.

Entering numbers and preparing declarations is an essential part of your organisation, but so is your core business. What if you could stay on top of both? By introducing the Digital Accountant, we want to ease your administrative workload all whilst preserving our personal relationship.

What can it do for you?

We are becoming an increasingly digital society. The way we behave and how we work is changing. With the Digital Accountant, everything you need for your financial administration will be in one spot.

Connect anytime and from anywhere to be in a direct line with the financial performance of your business, to see your reports being processed digitally and to get relevant updates in real-time. Determine your own schedule: everything you need is available to you at all times, even when your personal accountant is not.

The dashboard portal isn’t only designed to keep your financial administration lean and mean, it’s also tailored to meet your needs and possibilities and to grow with you along the way.

“Digital Accountant makes working with your accountant faster,

more efficient, more accurate and much more insightful!”

- Digital Accountant Ambassador

Why is it so valuable?

In addition to a real-time overview of your financial performance, the portal will keep you updated on your administration, give proactive insights and provide powerful tools that enable you to keep a close eye on your business and manage the direction you are heading in.

You’ll be able to open the same reporting dashboards as your accountant, making it possible to see through their eyes and to read their notes and recommendations on reports. You’ll also be able to exchange messages with your accountant to discuss matters or set an appointment.

All your documents can be uploaded to the Digital Accountant by scanning them or accessing them through Coda. The processing of your financial administration, tasks and reporting is also digital and automated, and is therefore always up to date.

Thanks to our ecosystem of business applications integrated in the portal, you’ll have a streamlined and digital compliance service. One of its strengths is that it focuses on the data that is relevant for your business. Tailored to your monthly or quarterly needs, we can adjust it to the data that matters to you.

Analyse the past, predict the future. Get a clear overview of the way your company is performing financially, designed to keep your business on the rails. The insights are real-time, tangible, and they’re always available.

Thanks to the digitalisation of your processes, reporting is efficient, fast, personalised and even more accurate. There is more time to advise you on your taxes, financials, and operational processes.

We created a digital platform that works on both desktop and mobile devices. Your personal login and password protect your data on the highly secured Digital
Accountant platform. Log in and get access to your accounting documents and
reports, your personal messages, and get tailored advice from your accountant.

Let's move your business forward, together!