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Workforce Planning in Anaplan

How to translate strategic goals into supply and demand forecasts ensuring a future-proof organization

Learn how planning your workforce for the future enables a resistant organization in a fast-changing environment where talent is key for achieving business targets, accelerated by Anaplan.


Why do organizations need Workforce Planning?


Organizations are experiencing increasing challenges in the war for talent, while diversity and inclusion of workforce are on the highest priority of the table. Strategic workforce planning helps your organization to anticipate on these challenges and to close the gap between the current and future talent needs. 


About the Workforce Planning App


Close the gap between supply and demand

Our accelerator combines medium-term operational workforce planning and long-term strategic planning to identify talent supply and demand in your organization. Management reports provide fast and flexible insights on your workforce diversity and provide a future-proof action plan to achieve both internal and external targets. With the advanced analytics of an automated planning tool, you will be able to define business initiatives to close these gaps and meet the objectives of the organization in close collaboration with the different stakeholders.

 Integrate Finance & HR to optimize workforce costs

This integrated business planning app enables you to monitor and forecast your workforce costs and to immediately take strategic decisions based on cost drivers forecasting your future staff expenses. Advanced simulation techniques enable to create different scenarios and perform a variance analysis to assess the different economic market circumstances in a fast-changing environment. This close collaboration between Finance & HR is a key success factor to ensure you have the right skills, in the right place, in the right time.