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Deloitte Belgium Real Estate Accelerator

Inspire, accelerate and adapt

Deloitte Belgium’s Real Estate Accelerator, powered by the Salesforce platform, allows you to leverage key capabilities setup with industry and Salesforce best-practices in mind.

This accelerator is a part of the broader Deloitte ecosystem of solutions that support real estate companies. Based on these solutions Deloitte Belgium has created a comprehensive capability map for Real Estate companies based on 3 streams: the project stream, the customer stream and the finance stream. The Real Estate Accelerator mainly focuses on the project and customer stream.

Our digital accelerator aims to inspire our clients and helps them make the correct priorities, allowing them to accelerate the transformation while adapting it to their specific needs. This enables them to transform their organization in a pragmatic, flexible but yet accelerated way.

About the Deloitte Real Estate Accelerator

To increase efficiency and have more and better insights in their business, there’s a need for real estate companies to digitally transform their business and to do this fast to be ahead of the curve. This has been the driver to build the “Belgian” Real Estate accelerator.

The accelerator allows you to leverage key capabilities, which are ready to use and have been set up with industry and Salesforce best practices in mind. We believe that seeing what the future situation might look like, inspires new and more concrete ideas. That’s why we use the accelerator to walk through the business processes as of day one. By adding this visual layer, the business processes can be easily mapped onto the accelerator, fit / gaps are quickly identified and additional user stories are captured. This supports the priority setting and scoping of a first implementation.

Foundations of the accelerator

Standard object first approach (limited customization)

Flexible real estate data model as a kick start

Brings inspiration during imagine phase

Underlying business processes provide a cohesive basis to start process design

Modular – use stand-alone functionalities or extend with other capabilities (Salesforce AppExchange library)

Flexible architecture for integration into any legacy landscape

Interested to know more?

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Kick start your transformation

The accelerator brings value over the core processes whether you are a typical project developer or investor or doing a mix of these activities.

We help organizations in achieving the following key benefits:

A 360° view on your customers, assets, contracts and projects: All information related to the customer, projects, units and contracts centralized. One place where everything can consult and input the data at the same time.

Improved Employee & Customer Experience: Employees clearly know what to do, and new colleagues can be easily trained. With the on-screen guidance adoption of the platform runs fluently and resources are being used in the most productive way. By digitally connecting all data and the different touchpoints with the customer, customer value can be created and the customer journey is optimized, resulting in a personal customer experience.

Actionable insights on sales & project performance: With the built-in reporting and dashboarding you can create a great overview on the sales and project performance, making sure that management is aware of the performance at all times.

Real time access to data from anywhere: All data can be consulted and updated at any time and any place by using the mobile app.

A scalable solution, with predictable business processes and easy integration with other systems: 100% cloud platform with security, compliance and forensics by design.