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Cyber Strategy Framework

Cyber resilience. Delivered.

Deloitte’s Cyber Strategy Framework provides a proven approach to managing cyber resilience with confidence, based on your specific business, threats and capabilities. Supported by a dedicated and intuitive online platform, Deloitte’s Cyber Strategy Framework helps organisations to understand their level of cyber resilience based on their critical business assets, their threat landscape, and the maturity of their cyber capabilities. Integrated dashboards allow organisations to monitor their level of cyber resilience, and can be customized for an operational, managerial and executive audience.

Cyber resilience

CSF is an intuitive online platform

Cyber Strategy Framework (CSF) incorporates a proven methodology to assess an organization’s cyber resilience; content packs which enable us to conduct assessments against specific standards; and an intuitive online platform incorporating a range of dashboards that can be customized for an executive, managerial and operational audience.

CSF leverages the Deloitte cyber capability model – a best of breed model based on ISO, NIST and SANS - to assess the current maturity of your cyber capabilities and define an appropriate target maturity based on your specific threat landscape and business profile. 


Managing cyber resilience

Deloitte’s Cyber Strategy Framework helps you to define the current and target maturity for your capabilities and to understand how to close the gap between them. It then defines concrete, actionable recommendations that will improve your cyber security maturity level.

Our platform contains a set of very powerful and customizable dashboards that can be used to report and analyze the results of several industry standards and those results that can then be used to report to other standards. Our extensive standardized benchmarking database allows clients to compare their cyber maturity against their industry peers.

A customized content pack accommodates the creation of a tailored assessment focused on both local, and industry standards, as well as custom internal frameworks. It is possible to include closed statements, predefined metrics and open questions. The CSF Centre of Excellence can support the member firms or engagement teams in creating the custom content as the process involves some phases to get the most from the custom content.





Business-aligned cyber strategy

"Our clients are facing more complex threats than ever before. Knowing what threats are relevant to a specific business and knowing how to respond to these threats, is becoming more important every day. The way I see it, there are 3 key benefits of CSF for clients: it enhances the value of cyber security investments by helping organizations focus on the right priorities, it improves risk governance and risk management and it helps businesses to communicate with internal and external stakeholders about their cyber strategy."
Chris Verdonck, Partner, Risk Advisory


Risk powers performance


Managing cyber risk to grow and protect business value


The very innovations that drive business growth, create also first order Cyber risks. Business initiatives such as global expansion, mergers & acquisitions, adoption of new business models and new technology inherently create Cyber risks and yet, it is imperative for businesses to implement them.

Hence, a sound Cyber risk program is an integral element of business success. While being secure is more important than ever, Deloitte emphasizes the need to also be constantly vigilant and resilient in face of shifting Cyber threats. By working with Deloitte, organizations can  etter prioritize program investments and improve threat awareness.



Cyber Strategy Framework differentiators




1. Enhance the value of your cyber investments

2. Understand the most important cyber capabilities for your business based on your specific threat landscape.

3. Facilitate communication with internal and external stakeholders

4. Share information with internal stakeholders and external stakeholders such as regulators using an integrated suite of customizable dashboards.

5. Improved risk governanceIdentify threats and vulnerabilities proactively to ensure effective risk management and ownership.


How We Built It – Cyber Strategy Framework


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