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Sustainability through the human lens

Deloitte had the chance to discuss with some Belgian CHRO’s leading sustainability how HR hardwire sustainability efforts into work and workforce: find out where HR should focus on to make a difference

As the adage goes: "You don't just build a sustainable business, you build the people, and the people build the sustainable business." The time is now: take the next step in designing human sustainability and achieving tangible results. 

And HR is uniquely positioned to put people at the core of organisation’s sustainability transformations and hardwire sustainability efforts into work, workforce and work environment to drive lasting change.

Deloitte invited a group of Belgian Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), who also hold the position of Sustainability Officers, to delve into the topic of Sustainability from a human-centric perspective and debate about the following topics:

  • Key areas where CHRO can significantly impact sustainability outcome?  
  • Non-regrettable topics and actions to take to actively drive the transformation? 
  • Different dimension of leadership but all the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to drive change? 

During this Humble and Proud session, we applied our Nzyme methodology – a creative and innovative methodology designed to create an immersive experience and maximized impact using self-monitoring principles and thinking frameworks that create and keep the mindset shift throughout the full session. 

Check out our after-movie of the event and our paper with our key findings and learn more on this exciting topic!

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