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Interested in Tax?

Are you a fast-thinking problem solver who wants to drive innovation in tax? Join us to create a thrilling career and make a lasting impact.


In Tax, you’ll be part of a landscape that is evolving rapidly. Since tax lies at the crossroads of law, business and innovation, it’s subject to constant change. New and disruptive technologies, such as blockchain, are transforming tax functions. You’ll be at the forefront of this change, continuously pushing boundaries and developing and implementing innovative technologies.

Why Tax?

You can build your career by working in many different roles, in many different fields, with many different professionals, all within one vibrant and versatile firm. You’ll be inspired daily by the diversity of clients across all sectors, including multinationals, large and small Belgian companies, public institutions, fast-growing start-ups, and high net worth individuals.

Choose your impact in Tax

Working in tax will keep you on your toes. Discover how you will drive innovation in tax and make a lasting impact.

Ready to make an impact in Tax?


Discover why Lorana chose International Accounting & Tax what awaits you when you join our passionate team.

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