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Interested in Finance?

If there isn’t a problem you can’t solve with your profound analytical skills, and you’re eager to take on strategic and transactional challenges and generate deep insights, then look no further.


In Finance, you’ll employ our exciting range of services from advisory to due diligence, valuation and restructuring, solving some of the most multifaceted and often headline-making transactions and growth and restructuring cases. You’ll advise clients on how to identify, assess, mitigate and assure key risks, and help them take informed, intelligent risk decisions that make the most of their opportunities.

Why Finance?

If you want a career that’s high profile, high impact, and highly rewarding, then Finance is right for you. You’ll grow as you work on a wide range of projects, collaborating with organisations active in different industries and colleagues from our global network.

Choose your impact in Finance

Explore your opportunities to work on high profile, high impact, and highly rewarding finance projects.

Ready to make an impact in Finance?


Discover why Loes chose Audit and what awaits you when you join our passionate team.

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