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Careers in Tax

Tax is constantly changing. That’s why we need people who can think on their feet and drive innovation in tax consulting. Is that you?

Your career at Deloitte

Your experience in tax has turned you into a creative problem solver. Fusing business savvy, strategy and analytical astuteness, you see through the numbers to advise clients with relevant insights and valuable solutions. If you want to drive innovation in the world of tax, join our new generation of tax consultants.

What impact can you make in Tax?

Tax is an intricate puzzle that requires thinking from all angles to see the big picture. Working for the country’s largest tax practice, you’ll be putting the pieces together that make tax less tedious for our clients.

At Deloitte, you have a broad scope to choose from—development, implementation, assessment,... in all areas of tax. You can work with large multinational enterprises that are looking for specialists in corporate tax, personal or employment taxation, VAT, indirect tax, etc. To broaden your skill set, you can opt to work with SMEs and become their trusted advisor.

Why Deloitte is your number one choice?

Because you want to be on a winning team. Regarded as the top tax firm in Belgium, Deloitte has a strong foothold in both the business and academic worlds. In fact, our teams regularly win awards for their expertise and some are involved in the research and writing of new tax regulations.

Aside from the tremendous opportunity to work alongside top specialists in the field, there’s plenty of training and development support to obtain relevant certificates and degrees if you so choose.

Whether you select international or SME, one thing is certain, you’ll work on some of the most exciting and technical tax consulting and compliance issues in the world.

Ready to lead the way in Tax?

Every day is different, but our commitment to making an impact never changes.

Choose your impact

Our teams of tax consultants and experts provide a full range of business and personal taxation services to a wide range of clients, from the largest multinational companies to family-owned businesses and private individuals.

Where do you fit?


  • Tax services
    You’ll help companies excel globally with our fully integrated approach, which combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge.
  • Tax and legal services
    As one of our tax and legal experts, you will give Belgian SMEs hands-on and accurate advice on Belgian taxation and legal matters.
  • Belgian and European compliance
    As part of our team, you will help senior management gain an understanding of the challenges and stay fully compliant.

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