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Careers in Human Resources

Would you like to work in a place where you can be inspired and be inspiring at the same time? Then, join us for the big opportunities, and stay for the people.

Your career at Deloitte

You approach people management in a truly human way—with empathy, respect, inclusivity, and listening intently to understand your audience. In addition, you know great Human Resources is transformative. With your expertise in human capital or human resources and a desire to enrich and elevate the impact of the field, you will find a match for yourself here.

What impact can you make in Human Resources?

If you’re passionate about Human Resources, Deloitte is your oyster. Choose either an operational role in learning and development, recruitment, payroll, talent or project management internally in our organisation or outsourced at a client. Or work in human capital on projects such as how to minimise employee turnover in a company, how digital transformation impacts teams, and how to integrate teams after an acquisition.

Employing our exciting range of products, Human Resources uses systems such as Workday and SAP SuccessFactors, and solutions like Cornerstone on Demand or Totara. You’ll be tackling some of the largest and most complex business challenges in Human Resources transformation, organisation transformation, Human Resources analytics or workforce transformation.

Why Deloitte is your number one choice?

As the largest Belgian company working on human capital projects, we offer clients a one-stop-shop for all their Human Resources needs. That’s why a hugely diverse range of top-level companies rely on us to deliver the kind of transformation change that lasts long after we’re gone. It’s also the reason why we have experienced professionals in the business who are always looking for ways to recast Human Resources’ purpose and value.

Case in point, Deloitte publishes a yearly Human Capital Trends which explores the future of the workforce and how technology is radically innovating the industry. We invite you to join the revolution.

Ready to steer the future of HR?

Every day is different, but our commitment to making an impact never changes.

Choose your impact

Join us in reimagining how work can be an outcome that drives productivity, value, and impact. Your expertise in human capital, your desire to enrich and elevate the impact of the field, and your insights into the power of Human Resources as a transformative force, make you the perfect match for the Deloitte Human Capital team.

Where do you fit?

Join us and you will collaborate with the best minds in the business who are always looking for ways to recast Human Resources’ purpose and value.

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When you join Deloitte’s Corporate Human Resources team, the opportunities are endless. Whether you take on an operational role in our organisation or are outsourced at a client, Deloitte will exceed all your expectations.

Where do you fit?


You can choose an operational role internally within our organisation or at a client in learning and development, recruitment, payroll, talent, or project management.

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