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Careers in Finance & Risk

If you live for the challenge and see unsolved problems as an opportunity to set yourself apart, then rise to the top with us.

Your career at Deloitte

High profile, high impact, and highly rewarding—those are the words that best describe a career in Finance & Risk at Deloitte. If you’re a born doer, driven, achievement-oriented, and can persuade anyone of your strategy, you’ll thrive in our team.

What impact can you make in Finance & Risk?

Your job is to give the best advice to clients facing critical business events where a lot is at stake. Whether it’s advising corporate buyer and private equity investors through an M&A deal, scrutinising the financials of a corporate buy-out, implementing new strategies in the FSI sector or investigating fraud, you’ll be busy solving some of the most multifaceted, and often headline-making, transactions and growth and restructuring cases.

Why Deloitte is your number one choice?

Representing the market best, our portfolio of international and SME clients takes you to new heights, and new horizons within our global corporate finance network. Up your game with visionary thinking, imaginative ideas, and a birds-eye view.

Recognised globally as a leader in M&A intelligence, we’re what corporate finance’s leading edge looks like. Just take a glimpse at the many yearly reports we publish such as M&A Trends, Future of the Deal, and Real Estate Predictions. It’s proof that Deloitte is bringing the future of finance to the world.

Ready to bring added value to organisations?

Every day is different, but our commitment to making an impact never changes.

Choose your impact

Our teams provide expertise and services in different areas.

Where do you fit?


  • Financial risk management
    You’ll provide expertise in actuarial and financial risks (markets, credit, operational, ALM) measurement and management, and regulatory.
  • Governance and regulatory compliance
    You’ll develop and customise valuable propositions to help our clients to manage regulatory risks effectively such that compliance can be seen as a source of competitive advantage.
  • Valuation and risk modelling
    You’ll deliver services such as:
    • Development of models for measuring credit risk, market risk and operational risks
    • Independent valuation of financial instruments
    • Validity and robustness of valuation and risk measurement tools
    • Sensitivity analysis of models and parameters
  • Actuarial and insurance
    Your contributions will cover the following:
    • Determination and validation of European Embedded Value according to European standards
    • Assistance with roll-out of methodology of Embedded Value calculation, of economic capital and Solvency II
    • Actuarial expertise within the framework of acquisitions or divestures
    • Review of policy for technical reserves and pricing of insurance products
    • Diagnosis and assistance concerning asset & liability management for insurance companies
    • Knipperlicht/Clignotant studiesRisk infrastructure reviews and advice (CPA-I 2006)
  • Pension and employee benefits
    You’ll work on:
    • Validation and evaluation of pension contracts and employee benefits according to different references (IFRS, US GAAP,…)
    • Optimisation of remuneration policy
    • Analysis of the Financial position of the pension plan/fund, including ALM studies
    • Pre and post-merger services in the pension domain, such as alignment of benefits

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We help finance leaders across industry sectors address the most critical priorities in enabling the finance function to support and create value for the business—from establishing finance as a trusted partner to the business to developing a high-performance operating model, improving core processes, and managing ongoing performance.

Each offering is composed of select finance transformation services configured to provide more value to our clients, tackling the issues finance functions face, including vision and strategy, organisation and talent, business processes, and technology.

Where do you fit?


  • Business Finance
    You’ll help our clients enhance their capabilities in performance management, planning, budgeting and forecasting, and cost and profitability management. Organisations tap into our business finance offerings to realise specific business objectives through these areas and more.
  • Finance Strategies
    Whether organisations are navigating regulatory changes, managing a crisis, going public, or experiencing some other major shift, you’ll help put in place finance strategies that are built with business results in mind.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Finance
    You’ll work with organisations to choose the right path for the finance organisation in face of a merger or acquisition to keep risk and costs in check.
  • Operational Finance
    You’ll focus on core operational processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and more—foundational elements for enabling top-line business strategies.
  • Service Delivery Model Design
    You’ll focus on developing a more effective and efficient model for finance operations.

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We advise corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire Mergers & Acquisitions deal lifecycle. Our end-to-end merger, acquisition and divestiture advisory services are customised to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our job is to give the best advice to organisations facing critical business events where a lot is at stake.

Where do you fit?


  • Corporate Finance Advisory Services
    You’ll be there for organisations through every step of the sale of their business, helping reduce the risks inherent in acquisitions and mergers, providing an independent perspective on debt markets and advising on how to take advantage of them.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy
    You’ll help organisations identify, evaluate and prioritise strategies for achieving organic and inorganic growth, screen targets and map markets, and conduct commercial due diligence.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Transaction Support Services
    From acquisition due diligence to vendor assistance, IPO advisory services, and carve-out and synergy analysis, you’ll work together with organisations to make the deal happen.
  • M&A Transformation & Turnaround
    You’ll help organisations improve cash flow and enhance profits through rapid identification, planning, and implementation of prioritised performance improvement initiatives.

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We help organisations to meet their expectations by delivering focused excellence, independence, and fully integrated multidisciplinary services, based on a good understanding of their business environment and real estate needs.

Our services comprise real estate consulting, financial advisory, and transaction support services.

Where do you fit?


  • Portfolio Strategy & Transformation
    You’ll help our clients optimise their real estate portfolio by ruling out deficiencies such as a lack of performance metrics or awareness of market possibilities, empty or unsuitably used premises, low workplace quality, and high investment costs for increasing standards.
  • Asset Valuation, Market Analysis & Development Advisory
    With limited access to real estate (market) information, and diverse missions (such as regulatory commercial, tax, litigation and audit review) real estate valuations are becoming complex, especially for operationally-used property and in (re)development scenarios. With your expertise, you’ll support our clients to reduce complexity.
  • Strategy for Real Estate and Construction Organisations
    You’ll help organisations develop a distinctive strategy to set them apart and gain a competitive advantage, performing a complex exercise consisting of two elements: the customer value proposition (products, services) and operating model (cost structure and set of activities).
  • Real Estate M&A, Funding & Transaction Services
    The financing of a real estate developer and/or project is a challenging task, requiring an ever increasing level of expertise and experience, which is where you come in.
  • Workplace Advisory & Future of Work
    Transformation of the workplace is accelerating in the New Normal, yet the dimensions of the “Future of Work” are numerous, making it difficult for organisations to define their corporate real estate strategy without your help.
  • Infrastructure & Capital Projects
    You’ll support our clients to achieve capital project success, which requires effective governance, controls and capabilities across the entire life cycle, and a model that ensures stakeholders can buy into the assumptions and results.

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Customers are demanding that businesses embrace sustainable finance. Employees and investors expect it. And increasingly, regulators mandate it. At Deloitte, we help organisations change, meet the higher expectations of responsibility, and show the world they mean it.

We assist all market participants with the integration of sustainability into their business strategies and use our insights into peer practices and non-financial assurance experience to help them comply with reporting and general sustainability regulations. We also support data management, modelling and reporting, and help financial institutions create value through sustainability.

Where do you fit?

You will help our clients manage and measure their non-financial impacts and engage in long-term value creation through our range of services:

  • Impact and risk assessments
    You’ll perform environmental and social impact assessments, and identify material sustainability drivers of financing performance.
  • Developing sustainable finance targets
    You’ll develop ambitious sustainable financing criteria and finance frameworks which drive meaningful improvements toward the set targets.
  •  Aligning frameworks and financing standards
    You’ll develop a sustainable finance framework to govern and manage funds, aligned with internationally recognised standards and EU regulations if applicable.
  • Reporting credibly to the market
    You’ll provide disclosure support to demonstrate credibility to investors and the market.
  • Assurance services
    You’ll provide assurance on information that companies prepare in view of obtaining sustainable financing, certify ESG disclosures, and ensure compliance with EU regulation requirements.
  • Data management, modelling and reporting
    Sustainable finance implies a major transformation in finance and risk reporting processes, calculation engines, systems data, and filling data gaps to properly manage risks and disclosures. Using your experience and knowledge in data management, modelling, and risk valuation, you’ll help the FSI sector design reporting systems and track integration in the sustainable finance strategy.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory changes
    We translate regulatory know-how into tailored guidance, providing clients insights into sustainable finance regulatory trends. Especially our insights regarding peer practices and our non-financial assurance experience enable us to help financial institutions comply with reporting and general sustainability regulations. You’ll help implement recognised regulations such as EU taxonomy, NFDR, CSRD, and SFDR

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Our Belgian treasury practice, working in partnership with our international member firms, provides a truly global coverage for businesses’ treasury requirements backed by leading local market expertise.

We deliver bespoke treasury solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes, from global multinationals, to public and smaller private enterprises, in all industries.

With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, we provide clear guidance and support.

Where do you fit?

As a Treasury consultant/manager, you will be providing the following portfolio of solutions to our clients.

  • Strategy & Operations
    You’ll provide the following services: treasury policies, processes and controls; in-house bank design and implementation; global bank selection and onboarding strategy; economic and hedge accounting advisory; and a treasury/tax regulatory impact assessment.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    As part of our team, you’ll support our clients with treasury due diligence, "Day One" readiness, and post deal integration.
  • Transformation & Technology
    You’ll assist our clients with organisational structure and operating model design, selection and implementation of treasury management solutions, selection and implementation of corporate payment solutions, and bank onboarding.
  • Digital
    You’ll empower organisations with reporting and analytics, robotic process automation, blockchain, and cognitive technologies.
  • Staff Augmentation
    You’ll provide operational treasury support.

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