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Careers in Consulting & Strategy

Think big and help organisations unlock the value of transformation and generate new value. Join us to up your game and make an impact in Belgium and beyond.

Your career at Deloitte


You believe your life calling is to make an impact. Drawing on your unique education, experience and expertise, you consistently push the boundaries to boost teams, processes, and strategies. Because you believe in making things better than before, you help people and organisations maximise their potential. If you are ready to transform businesses, we are ready for you.

What impact can you make in Consulting & Strategy?

One that is big, bold, and daring. Working on some of the most multifaceted, challenging and envied high-level strategic and implementation projects for top-tier multinational clients, we have the scale and scope to make your impact exponential.

Depending on your industry knowledge or particular expertise, you may find yourself devising a novel idea for a product, defining an innovative pricing strategy or optimising the supply chain of a pharmaceutical drug. Simply put, catalyse business transformation, ensure organisations anticipate and own disruptions, and deliver tomorrow’s business solutions today.

Why Deloitte is your number one choice?

Join our leading network of exceptional innovators and disruptors and shift and shape the world of tomorrow. As a leading authority in enterprise insights services and pricing and innovation consulting, we have some of the most radical and forward-looking thinkers in the industry.

Besides working alongside talented professionals, you can fast-track your career with individualised and intensive world-class training that builds on your best qualities and follows your passion.

Ready to empower strategy?

Every day is different, but our commitment to making an impact never changes.

Choose your impact

Recent events have highlighted the vulnerabilities of businesses around the world. That’s why we help organisations improve existing continuity processes and plans, or develop and maintain a business continuity programme. We also help them prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from any major crisis.

Our crisis and resilience professionals are committed to helping organisations establish a strong operational resiliency framework that enables them to identify issues before they escalate, and prevent losses. Our approach leads to cost-effective decisions that safeguard the future and the long-term continuity of each organisation.

Where do you fit?


  • Business continuity management
    As an IT resilience professional, you will establish a strong operational resiliency framework enabling our client to identify issues before they escalate and prevent losses, leading to cost-effective decisions that safeguard the future and the long-term continuity of their organisation.
  • Deloitte Center for Crisis Management
    Working with our team, you’ll offer crisis management services that span the entire crisis lifecycle, helping clients identify, assess, prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from crises.

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Capabilities in areas such as performance management and consolidation, among other, can serve as a catalyst to the finance organisation—but they can just as easily keep it stuck in the same old rut if not managed properly. Organisations turn to us to realise specific business objectives through these areas and more.

We help our clients to empower the finance function and to think through their financial processes and solutions in several critical domains, such as planning, budgeting and forecasting, management and financial reporting, close and consolidation, and costing and profitability. We help streamline the end-to-end process and support the design and implementation of best-in-class solutions that are ready to allow the finance community to act as strategic business partners and key contributors to the firm’s performance and future.

Where do you fit?


  • Planning, budgeting & forecasting
    You’ll support us in achieving one of our biggest objectives which is to efficiently and effectively translate strategy into long-term plans, mid-term budgets and short-term forecasts, in order to make sure that strategic objectives are met, and financial targets are reached.
  • Costing and profitability management
    You will help our clients to fully understand the impact of key cost and revenue/margin drivers, but also the ability to manage, control and predict future behaviour.
  • Close and consolidation services
    You’ll help clients to find the optimal and efficient way to consolidate financial figures based on the organisation structure and setup, taking into consideration related and applicable regulations (IFRS, etc.) as well as intercompany transactions, internal cash-flows, and other.
  • Financial and management reporting
    Join us in delivering tailor-made reporting solutions for each client and business, analysing, amongst other, the choice of meaningful KPIs, the reliability of data, the governance and levels of accountability, and the type of reports (executive, managerial, operational, legal, etc.).

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Join us in reimagining how work can be an outcome that drives productivity, value, and impact. Your expertise in human capital, your desire to enrich and elevate the impact of the field, and your insights into the power of Human Resources as a transformative force, make you the perfect match for the Deloitte Human Capital team.

Join us and you will collaborate with the best minds in the business who are always looking for ways to recast Human Resources’ purpose and value.

Where do you fit?


  • Human Resources Transformation
    In a dynamic world with constant disruption, human capital issues must be viewed as business issues to be shaped by Human Resources, but addressed across the C-Suite. You’ll help create the future of Human Resources by enabling major shifts in mindset, roles, capabilities, and digital enablers with reinvention at the core.
  • Organisation Transformation
    Business is being disrupted. New business models, exponential technologies, agile ways of working, and regulations are constantly changing the way organisations work. You’ll support them in implementing transformation grounded in human experience principles, which will drive sustainable change on a behavioural, cultural, and organisational level.
  • Workforce Transformation
    Work, workforces and workplaces are responding to technological and societal disruptors at an exponential pace. You’ll help organisations achieve success by developing a strategy that reimagines all aspects of workforce management from accessing, aligning, engaging, rewarding and, ultimately, leading the workforce of the future.
  • Human Capital as-a-Service
    In today’s ever-evolving world, the only constant is change. You can help organisations stay ahead by providing real-time access to human capital insights, expertise, and innovative technology solutions that are designed to not only drive, but sustain and extend organisational performance and engagement.

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Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation's operations. It can help an organisation accomplish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

Our internal auditors help organisations enhance the effectiveness, quality, and value received from internal audits. Our broad understanding of risks and areas of operational improvement, particularly the nuances of specific industry sectors and markets, help internal audit functions improve their performance and operate efficiency, and bring value to their organisations.

Where do you fit?


  • Risk assessment
    You’ll help identify and prioritise key areas of potential risk and opportunity across our client’s enterprise based on the competitive environment, regulatory climate, operational strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, and many other factors.
  • Quality assessment review
    You will assess the existing internal audit function, including infrastructure, staff experience, and performance relative to our client’s business goals, best practices and applicable standards.
  • Reengineering
    From staffing and supporting technology to policies, procedures and quality controls, you will help fine-tune or totally reconstruct our client’s internal audit function, regardless of its size and geographic diversity.
  • Internal audit planning
    You’ll help our clients establish a new internal audit plan that provides an appropriate balance between compliance, risk management, and opportunity development.
  • Subject matter specialisation
    Help empower our clients’ staff with extensive expertise in specific areas such as information technology, enterprise risk assessment, environmental affairs, fraud and forensics, pensions, supply chain, treasury, and more.

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Procurement is all about operational efficiency and saving opportunities. With our benchmark database of pricing and our best practices, we have the expertise to identify potential process improvements for our clients.

Where do you fit?

As a procurement consultant, you will work with teams of experts and support our clients on various projects:

  • Category management and strategy
  • Category and spend analysis
  • Cost reduction assessment
  • Supplier and contract management
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) and Kraljic Assessment
  • Negotiation and contracting support
  • Supplier audits
  • Strategy and organisation
  • Maturity analysis
  • Team assessment and training
  • Process mapping and redesign
  • Sourcing and category management
  • Technology assessment

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Government organisations provide services that are key to the proper functioning of our society. Both citizens and companies depend on those services. A failure of such an institution to deliver its services will not only impact the government and its employees, but may also seriously impact these citizens and companies.

Where do you fit?

The public sector is about more than only its institutions, it’s about citizens and businesses too. So, we know when we bring value to the public sector, this in turn, has an impact on the citizens and businesses it serves.

Based on deep industry expertise, as a member of our passionate team of public sector consultants, you will use analysis, assessments and innovation to help our clients do whatever is needed to reduce administrative burden and costs and optimise how things are run. In short, you will help make them more efficient and effective so they have a positive impact on the public.

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We offer a complete and effective supply chain risk management solution from setting up a risk response framework, through building a recovery operating model to drawing and implementing a risk management strategy. We also provide the support needed to build a resilient supply chain focusing on visibility, flexibility, collaboration, and control.

We align supply chain capabilities and operating models with our clients’ business strategies. We take an integrated view of the supply chain, unlocking hidden value in the connection points between functions and value chain partners. This approach incorporates process, organisation, technology, and performance measurement, helping our clients understand the trade-offs between cost and flexibility in response to margin pressures they may be facing. We also address those trade-offs to achieve the desired balance between cost service levels across the supply chain.

Where do you fit?

As a member of our team, you will help organisations align the many moving parts of the supply chain with the company’s business model and competitive positioning in mind.

You’ll always make an impact, whether you take on roles such as consultant or manager in supply chain, area implementation, logistics and distribution or manufacturing strategy and smart operations.

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Today’s climate crisis urges us to rethink and reinvent our economy. Business needs to change to meet higher expectations of sustainability and Deloitte is well-equipped to guide organisations through this transition.

Our teams are turning challenges on climate change, circular economy, and sustainable finance into competitive advantages for our clients. When our clients need to operate a climate driven transformation, reshape their business models, create transparent, ethical supply chains, build engagement, or measure, evaluate and assure, you’ll support them in developing innovative approaches and digital solutions that will empower them to think and act differently.

Where do you fit?

By joining our team of sustainability and climate consultants, you will truly make an impact and help create a greener future.

  • Circular Economy
    You will help organisations from various industries in the transition from a linear to a circular business model by improving their design-for-circularity, transforming waste management, and increasing the usage of recycled content in new products.
  • ESG Reporting & Assurance
    You will help organisations publish credible Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) information in line with the expectations of regulators and stakeholders.
  • Climate & Energy
    You will help companies active in energy intensive industries and energy players in retaining their license-to-operate and achieve a maximum reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. You would also support public authorities in defining a roadmap to support their transition.
  • Sustainable Finance
    You support organisations to integrate environmental, social and governance considerations into their strategy, operations, products and purpose.
  • Sustainable Performance Management & Reporting
    You will assist organisations in their need to track sustainable performance and compare it to sustainability goals and ambitions.
  • Sustainability Strategy
    You will support companies in developing a well-defined sustainability strategy to translate economic, societal and environmental challenges into long-term business value.

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