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You’re not interested in supporting local entrepreneurs to thrive? Or are you?

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We have the pleasure of collaborating closely with some of the most inspiring people in business in Belgium. Working with local entrepreneurs, helping them to meet their strategic and operational challenges, is extremely rewarding. With our support and ingenuity, they can achieve, and exceed, their ambitions. Every day is an exciting learning experience.

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Together every step of the way

A trusted advisor

At Deloitte Private, we pride ourselves in being close to our customers, investing in deep and meaningful relationships. Our multidisciplinary teams are committed to delivering with impact a wide range of services with sector expertise. From advising on sustainable development to enabling growth through difficult times, we are there for entrepreneurs during milestones moments.

But that’s not all. We also work with scale-up and investor platforms to further build strong, regional ecosystems.

I am in charge of developing our consulting activities in Belgium for privately-owned companies, together with a great diverse team, and I offer our clients support in my areas of expertise, which are supply chain and operational performance.

Job satisfaction guaranteed

I enjoy finding solutions to the challenges companies face in a creative and innovative way to ensure that they can achieve their goals. I am also an enthusiastic connector of people and ideas; it not only benefits my clients but it nourishes me personally.

Bringing diverse and entrepreneurial talents together to discuss challenges and collaborate to create new opportunities, and being involved in recruiting and developing talent and shaping meaningful career paths, also give me great satisfaction. I am fortunate to get to do all of this, and more, as a partner at Deloitte Private.

Caring for each other

One of the reasons why I chose Deloitte is that we share many of the same values, including caring for each other. Taking the time to listen, to help, and provide solutions is an integral part of our culture.

It’s exciting to do meaningful work and be surrounded by people who empower you to be your best. The entrepreneurial environment gives everyone in our small, diverse and agile teams the opportunity to shine. We not only work well together, but we also have a lot of fun together. It truly is an amazing, supportive workplace to grow your career.

This is Sophie, a partner at Deloitte Private. Want to help local entrepreneurs meet their strategic and operational challenges, just like Sophie? Do you? Or don’t you?

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