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You’re not interested in actively supporting private businesses to succeed? Or are you?

So, you are interested? #DoApply

Family enterprises are different. They face unique challenges when they expand. Their entrepreneurial spirit opens doors to exciting new opportunities. As they grow, they need to maintain business success and stay committed and capable as a family to lead the company. Our role as trusted advisors is to support and empower them to thrive.

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Being a trusted advisor

Strong relationships matter

Each day is different when you work for Deloitte Private. You collaborate closely with clients in your own region, building strong relationships that involve you in everything they do. You are the dedicated contact person for the entrepreneur and/or CFO and/or family, getting to the heart of the business and the people behind it.

I am the trusted advisor to SMEs and family-driven enterprises, supported by our great multidisciplinary team. My work mainly consists of correctly interpreting opportunities or signals at clients and giving substance to them, largely driven by the figures.

Going beyond the numbers

In my role as a manager at Deloitte Private in the Accountancy business unit, I do everything from optimising the company structure, and reviewing and discussing financial reports and budgets, to family transfers and fiscal optimisation. Of course I don’t do everything myself. I can count on a fantastic network and expert teams at Deloitte, often working with tax and legal colleagues, for example, to give my clients the support they need.

We always look for that little extra and the added value. That not only comes from diving into the numbers, but also from our personal approach. I support my clients’ entrepreneurial endeavours, always taking the family aspect into account.


Close to home, close to clients

I chose Deloitte because of the scale at which it operates, the many growth opportunities, and the wealth of knowledge available. It’s very enriching to work with my clients, manage teams and coach younger colleagues, in Belgium and abroad.

Working in our Kortrijk office, which is close to my home and my clients, empowers me to live the professional and private life that I want. It gives me the flexibility to always give everything in everything I do, whether it is working with my clients or my personal trainer.

This is Margot, a manager at Deloitte Private. Want to help support and empower SMEs and family businesses to thrive, just like Margot?

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