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Heading into a Cyber-powered 2023

A new year has started, full of new opportunities.

As Deloitte Cyber, we believe that realizing these opportunities, realizing true digital transformation, and empowering your people for the future depends on a solid and trusted foundation in Cyber security. Cyber is no longer just an obligation or a matter of technology, Cyber has grown into a critical function for helping businesses deliver value and practical outcomes. Deloitte’s 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey underlines this and provides inspiration from leaders across the globe and industries.



Our 2023 survey was designed to capture the increased impact that Cyber has on businesses today. In this report, we see how these leaders are building long-term value by putting Cyber at the heart of the business. We surveyed over 1,000 global C-suite executives at companies with over €500 million in revenue across geographies and industries. Through both qualitative and quantitative research, executives shared their views on Cyber threats and enterprise activities. We discover that by embedding Cyber, these leaders are able to capture inherent business value. Not only across the enterprise, but as a crucial part of a powerful growth strategy. This feedback from global CISO also reaffirms our earlier message on the tight correlation between cyber strategy and digital transformation.

In the report, we see how this new reality for Cyber, as foundational rather than as an after-thought impacts organisations in the following ways.

  • Business impact – Cyber drives value across the enterprise. We see a shift in cyber strategies from IT to the business—ultimately to support strategic business objectives and growth. For example, Cyber helps improve customer trust and brand reputation, ability to deliver, and improved resilience.
  • Transformation driver – Cyber is integral to digital business priorities. More than operational stability alone, Cyber now is a differentiator for building and achieving digital transformation. Leaders indicate Cyber plays a crucial role in cloud, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.
  • Learning from leaders – highly mature organizations show the way forward. To identify the high performers shaping the future of cyber, we rated organizations based on three sets of leading practices: robust cyber planning across the business, key cyber activities, and effective board-level engagement. High performing organisations have a strategic and operational plan, are reporting on these regularly at board level, and are benchmarking against other industry leaders.

While this report is a result of a global exercise, we see the same trends in Belgium. The profile of Cyber as an enabler is growing, and as such Cyber is consistently earning a place on the agenda. But we can do better. The challenges of 2023, from economic pressures to finding talent, will require us to make better choices to stay competitive, growing, and safe through it all. And while Belgian organisations across public and private industries are well-placed to fuel their digital transformation by Cyber, there are plenty of lessons already learned and shared by others to apply in our daily business. Happy reading!

Download the 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey