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Deloitte and Totara alliance

We design, develop, and maintain fit-for-purpose learning solutions

If you are looking for a powerful and flexible learning management system (LMS) that can meet the needs of your organization, then Totara is the perfect choice. Whether you are looking to train employees, deliver courses to customers, or create a space for learners to connect and collaborate, Totara has the tools and features you need to succeed. With Totara, you can easily create and deliver engaging online learning experiences, add a layer of interaction and gamified learning, and measure the impact of your training programs. So why wait? Start building your learning platform on Totara today and see the difference it can make for your business!


Surround yourself with Deloitte Learning expertise

Whether you want to imagine a learning platform from scratch, optimize your current Moodle or Totara implementation or create a learning program or academy dedicated to a certain set of skills or goals, … Deloitte Learning Technology team is there to support and co-create a solution that meets your needs.

How Deloitte makes the difference as a learning tech partner

  • We create tailored-to-the-client learning solutions: Because of the flexibility of Totara as open-source software technology and the broad experience of our developers, we can customize the platform to meet the user experience and functional demands of any organisation.
  • We are more than just the implementation partner: We cover the full configuration from server hosting to customer support, keeping the platform up to date. We guide you through the full process: together we think about what is necessary for your organisation and how we can get the full potential out of Totara. In our Customer Success program, we have regular check-ins after launch to discuss the roadmap, the usage and engagement, the optimization possibilities, etc. Our ambition is to be your trusted advisor and partner.
  • We make sure your learning platform is futureproof: As a Totara Platinum partner, we work closely with Totara to discuss future improvements of the Totara software technology and co-create the product roadmap. 

Totara, the open-source LMS unlocking the next level learning platform

Because of its fully customizable capability, we extend and enrich Totara to ensure our clients build their learning experiences beyond a basic LMS. Totara is the all-in-one Learning Management System solution for workplace learning, engagement, and performance in the flow of work. As a Totara Platinum Partner, Deloitte has more than a decade experience implementing Totara for national and international clients in various industries, for both internal employees and their external members or clients (extended enterprise).

What our customers say…


“With our Totara platform developed by Deloitte, we were not only able to support upskilling to our global leadership community, but also to bring them together in a unique and blended learning experience.” - Lowell Group

"The introduction of the new LMS together with the launch of a learning program was immense. But thankfully, we managed in 3 months to deliver an amazing learning experience to our employees. Totara helps us to introduce the next level of engaging learning content: snackable short micro learning can be offered on the go, our LMS is ready for mobile disclosure.” - Telenet

"Without our e-learning campus, we would never have been able to equip our 30,000 members with the tools and knowledge to help them manage the energy transition and decarbonise the world’s energy systems.” – Leonardo ENERGY Initiative

"We wanted to have the next level user experience for learning including gamification, a modern layout and tools to reward employees for their time investment. With the help of the Deloitte team, it became all possible in one single tool, Totara.” - Argenta


Discover our customer stories

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Success stories

A learning platform for a Belgian bank: an industry case for compliance and reporting

Argenta needed a future-proof solution, a learning environment which could support the organization in realizing the business strategy. That is why they looked for an LMS that could integrate with their other applications and could be adapted to their needs without any customization. The learning platform takes into account the reporting and compliance strategic needs of this regulated sector. With their Totara Learning platform, they got a user friendly and intuitive tool that their employees quickly adopted. As a result, the learners now actively ask the learning team for new content. For this project, the Deloitte Learning Technology team received the 2022 Totara Award for best Finance & Insurance Project. 

The Client – a learning program for accountancy professionals

The Client, powered by Totara, supports Deloitte’s accounting experts to master digital skills & develop their client-facing capabilities. The learning experience built on top of the LMS offers a Netflix-like interface where the learner is part of the learning movie script. The immersive program provides accountants with the knowledge and soft skills to deliver exceptional customer service to their clients.Deloitte Belgium was awarded gold two times with this project. In 2020 we received the Totara Learning Technology award for ‘Best Business Services Project’ and one year later, in 2021, we won the prestigious Brandon Hall Group Excellence award in the category ‘Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program’.