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Deloitte and OMP alliance

Driving sustainable value from your advanced planning journey

Together we deliver large full-suite OMP deployments for organisations with the most complex networks and requirements. Industry-specific solution templates ensure a solid starting point covering the majority of your requirements, and can be further customised to solve your unique supply chain challenges.

About our alliance

Puzzled how to get the full value out of your advanced planning transformation journey? By combining OMP’s advanced planning solutions with Deloitte’s breadth and depth of functional and industry expertise and decades of experience in business transformations, we are confident we can help you make that step-change you aspire to make.

Deloitte is a leading implementation partner of OMP, which develops advanced supply chain planning software solutions, enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility and optimisation. OMP’s solution suite covers network design, sales and operations planning, demand planning, inventory management and optimisation, network supply planning, production planning, and detailed scheduling. Reporting and advanced analytics are embedded throughout, while AI and ML are enabling next generation planning capabilities.

OMP and Deloitte have joined forces to provide complementary, though tightly integrated services for our clients, hence delivering holistic end-to-end solutions that drive sustainable results future-proofing your supply chain capabilities.  

Throughout the years of jointly delivering large-scale and complex business transformations, we have honed our joint approach, methodologies and accelerators, making this partnership a winning and de-risking combination for your future or ongoing transformation.


















Deloitte and OMP solutions

Deloitte is your journey partner in every step along the way of your OMP-enabled supply chain transformation. We help you drive business value and mitigate risk as your business advisor and systems integrator.

  • Program & project leadership
  • Leading industry and advanced supply chain (planning) expertise
  • Global deployment and support capabilities
  • Change management and enablement
  • Value tracking and realisation
  • Data analytics and integrating capabilities