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Unlock continuous business value from data & AI

Confidence-as-a-service, delivered with DAPPER by Deloitte and IBM

DAPPER is a fully managed analytics service that helps organizations accelerate the adoption of AI across the enterprise, allowing business users to quickly start trusting and utilizing insights from their data.

IT has a data problem. Data scientists have an IT problem. And business users need trustworthy and impactful insights, now.

Imagine: An analyst leverages a daily report to steer manual fraud inspections for a global bank. The report fetches data from several sources and uses AI algorithms to suggest inconsistent transactions. When the analyst begins her daily investigations, she quickly spots something suspicious. Through a sleek user interface and insight-generating visualizations in her report, she can quickly identify a change in normal activity patterns. She’s able to quickly spot a nuance and make a quick escalation decision. 

Her team is able to stop the fraudulent activity in its tracks and identify the malicious actor before other transactions occur. All based on the timely and trustworthy data insights her report delivered. All with confidence, delivered as-a-service.

Now imagine a different (and likely more realistic) scenario: The analyst couldn’t make sense of the data in her fraud reports for multiple days in a row. She didn’t trust the report to begin with, because the information she’d received every day was late and off-base. Because she’d been experiencing so many errors and inconsistencies in the data, she worried if she was able to share the insights, she could garner with her teams due to concerns around compliance and data security. 

And since the data was inaccurate, she failed to identify a series of large fraudulent transactions—leading the bank to dissatisfy its customers, waste time and resources mitigating the error, receive financial and regulatory consequences, and putting the brand at reputation risk. 

Unlocking the continuous business value of Data and AI with DAPPER

Sound familiar? Deloitte and IBM can help. Standing up the technology, operations, and services needed to garner simple, trustworthy, and accessible AI-enabled insights can be a start-and-stop process. Deloitte and IBM designed DAPPER to help ease that burden.

Delivered as a fully managed service, DAPPER takes the hassle of building and maintaining enterprise AI away from data and IT teams, so business users can focus on impactful insights that drive better decision-making. DAPPER combines the trusted capabilities of the Deloitte Analytics Platform (DAP) with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, can be delivered in a hybrid cloud environment on Red Hat® OpenShift®, and is built as a managed service for seamless operations.

Our mission? Helping clients accelerate adoption of—and continuous business value from—AI across their enterprise. Reducing the need to commit resources and time to developing bespoke solutions. Speeding time to deployment, to insights, and to market.

An analytics platform, built to operate

DAPPER simplifies insights into a sleek, simple to consume user interface that’s fully managed by Deloitte—taking away the typical operational challenges that prevent clients from industrializing AI solutions for business users. It’s designed to help data scientists build, organize, and manage AI-enabled, insight-generating reports in secure IT environments to elevate trustworthy smart enterprise reporting for business users.

DAPPER consists of three key components:

  • A cloud-enabled analytics platform 
  • An analytics development factory 
  • A catalogue of subscription services

Plus, we can advise on your overall data and AI strategy and work collaboratively with you on the journey to AI industrialization. Implementing and operating DAPPER is just the start.

Own the data, own the decisions, own the impact.

Think you might need help trusting and utilizing insights from data and AI? Here are some signs that DAPPER could help:

  • Your IT teams, data scientists, and business user teams are feeling disconnected—and all feel ownership and responsibility for your organization’s data and the insights you derive from it
  • You’re ready to adopt an industrialized AI platform, but aren’t sure how to get started—or how long it will take
  • You need to quickly respond to increased regulatory and compliance pressures, mounting concerns around data privacy, and elevated cyber risks
  • Cost is an ongoing concern—and you want to shift as much IT to consumption-based models as possible

Ambitious innovation. Impactful AI-enabled solutions.

Ready to get started? The combination of IBM’s market-defining technology and Deloitte’s trusted industry expertise is more than just an alliance—it's a catalyst for your organization's digital evolution, a collaborator that seamlessly integrates with you to implement outcome-focused solutions that accelerate your pace of modernization. It's ambitious innovation and impactful outcomes, transforming your organization and using technology to build a better society.

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DAPPER is built on 10 years of Deloitte's business and technology innovation. It represents another market-leading example of how Deloitte and IBM have combined technology, experience and industry knowledge to help clients turn data into insights—quickly, reliably, and repeatedly.

- Richard Houston, Senior Partner and CEO Deloitte North & South Europe -

DAPPER offers four core benefits: