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Deloitte and Manhattan Associates alliance

Accelerating fulfillment transformations

Through our award-winning alliance with Manhattan Associates, Deloitte has
become a recognised leader in deploying complex, end-to-end supply chain
and fulfillment transformations. Our service offerings include warehousing
and transportation operations assessment, roadmap definition,
logistics system design and implementation.

About our alliance

Over the past years we have started to evolve towards a highly integrated world where agility, scalability, automation and seamless integration have become crucial ingredients to success. Unfortunately, legacy technologies and architectures often prevent us to achieve this harmonization between core supply chain processes.

Deloitte and Manhattan Associates, a global leader in supply chain and omnichannel software solutions, work closely together to help clients deliver leading-class, technology-based transformations. With Deloitte’s cross-industry knowledge and experience across supply chain management—from strategy to implementation, we help organizations around the world increase value realization through order, warehouse and transportation management capabilities.


Deloitte is proud to be Manhattan Associates' Top Consulting Partner since 2018 and recognised as a top Innovation Partner.






Deloitte and Manhattan Associates solutions

Our experienced professionals drive successful implementations by focusing across four key pillars:

  • Programme management and governance 
  • Business capabilities and end-to-end process design 
  • Technology 
  • Deployment and change management