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Deloitte and Aera Technology alliance

Working together to enable the self-driving enterprise

Deloitte partners with Aera Technology in designing, developing, evaluating and scaling smart supply chain applications hosted on the Aera cloud-based platform. Utilising cognitive automation, we want to develop capabilities that transform the way supply chains are being perceived, designed and operated.

About our alliance

On their path toward more digitised ways of working, many organisations have long been implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Advanced Planning Systems (APS). Over the last decade however, these organisations have realised that these systems have, in addition to their merit as systems of records, flaws: they struggle to completely remove repetitive, labour-intensive tasks and, most importantly, they often fail to support effective, decision-making.

With that, industry leaders are now seeking to augment the strengths of their ERP (and the rest of their application landscape) by scaling up solutions around task automation (robotic process automation) and decision automation (cognitive automation). That’s where the Deloitte and Aera Technology alliance comes into play.

Whereas Aera Technology provides the technical answer (i.e. its “Cognitive Operating Systems”) to these emerging client needs, Deloitte brings business acumen, strategic thinking, industry knowledge and functional know-how in order to deliver outstanding results for clients across industries. Moving away from long-lasting implementation projects, and following an Agile Methodology, Deloitte & Aera Technology both aim to optimize time-to-value for client, giving a particular attention to value generation tracking.

Over the past few years, Deloitte Belgium has developed strong internal capabilities, with a growing team of certified practitioners ranging from Aera Solution Architects (responsible to conceptualize and design smart application on the Aera platform) to Aera Skills Builders (responsible to develop, test and deploy these smart applications). With the ambition to further develop its delivery capabilities in terms of reach and cost attractiveness, Deloitte Belgium has established partnerships with other Deloitte firms from across the globe, leveraging off-shore and near-shore models when relevant.

Deloitte and Aera Technology services

You are ready to embark on the cognitive automation journey? Deloitte and Aera Technology can:

  • Advise on where to start (leveraging our Deloitte Enterprise Value approach) and identify which use case to begin with, depending on your industry challenges, your top-line ambitions and your bottom-line targets
  • Advise on the development of a cognitive automation roadmap as part of your broader SC Digital Strategy for 2025
  • Advise on the right technology to use
  • Support you in the development of a pilot/prototype, and help you evaluate and track the resulting benefits

You already started to develop cognitive capabilities and want to scale? Deloitte and Aera Technology can:

  • Help you scale up the capability internally (at the right cost)
  • Help you define the future target operating model around the newly developed cognitive capabilities
  • Advise on how to embed the change in your organisation ("make it stick")

Welcome to Self-Driving Enterprises